First Fallout: New Vegas cheats - get all weapons and ammo for free!

PC Games presents a cheat. Check the story! Find out, how to get all weapons and ammo for free. Works on all platforms.

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Dan502735d ago

Keeping cheats alive. :D

ohdavey2735d ago

Cheats are for noobs! :)

Rubberlegs2735d ago

Heh that's clever using the pot like that. You can just use a stealth boy through. Losing karma effects very little in this game unless its with a fraction your trying to stay good with.
But the Van Graffs it doesn't matter once you get their quests done. I've took a bunch of stuff from their using a stealth boy. There is even a quest with the BoS (depending how finish the first BoS quest) that has you kill them all and then you can loot the store.

aquamala2735d ago

Might as well play on "very easy"

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