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Sometimes you start playing a game and within ten minutes you just know that it feels “right”. Then you play it for a few more hours and realize you are going to be making a purchase in the near future. This was exactly the case when I started the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta. Admittedly, I never played any of KZ2’s multiplayer after finishing the campaign, so I am a total newcomer, but if this is a solid impression of the final product I’m completely sold on it.

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OneSneakyMofo2849d ago

Only bug I've found is when you're getting knife, you can press R2 and warp across the map. It's awesome, and only works on some occasions.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

"The Beta will last for as long as we need to get good feedback.".

COD is going to loose the GOTY award again but his time to KZ3.


You Mad bro?

mikhail_tisoy2849d ago

confirmed killzone 3 bugfeast mw2+tf2 clone

SuperbVillain2849d ago

your a fucking moron,the reason COD is a bugfest is because they dont have Betas.Killzone is having a public Beta so it can address all the bugs in the multiplayer so they don't appear on the final product.I'll end this post the same way i started it,your a fucking moron.Good day.

IrishYamato2849d ago

You didnt say 'Good day' at the start of your comment.

thief2849d ago

"the reason COD is a bugfest is because they dont have Betas."
SuperDopetastic, logic is wasted on some people

Redrum0592849d ago

"you're a fucking moron" is how he started.

SuperbVillain2848d ago

lol touche...point is,that was a moronic statement he made.

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Sold based on Alpha Code. Can't wait to see the retail version.

kragg2848d ago

Anyone know if clans created in the beta will persist once the full retail game comes out?