Frontier on Developing for Kinect: ‘We immediately bought into the promise’

Along with the launch of the official Kinectimals website, developers Frontier have revealed some of their opinions about the forthcoming Xbox 360 Kinect full-body motion-control accessory. A positively gleaming report from one of the device’s frontline software developers, Frontier is obviously happy with the success of their Kinectimals title even before it has launched.

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rroded2858d ago

Well gl heres hoping ya make tons of sales Frontier n that the kids who get this for xmas get tons of hours out of it...
Our brats will prob get a wii finally so sry no sale here still gl.

Dramscus2858d ago

Oh it'll sell well, but it'll probably only be played for 5-10 hours per person (which I feel is generous).
I haven't played it but I don't think it has anything to bring children back for more time and time again.
It doesn't strike me as a game that any kid will call their favorite game.
Even my siblings who fit perfectly into the target demographic for it think it's Lame or mildly interesting. From a boy and a girl each. My brother would rather kill things my sister would rather have a real pet (which by the way would probably cost the same or less than an xbox and a kinect, plus pet maintenance would cost about the same as a gold subscription.)

Double Toasted2858d ago

Yeah, keep your brats off my Gears of War...lil' b*st&rds.

SuperStrokey11232858d ago

Oh yeah, obviously the promise of a little fake kitty is amazing...

testerg352858d ago

umm.. anything you play on the PS3 real? You need to back away from the PS3 now and go outside for a bit.

SuperStrokey11232858d ago

What are you talking about, kinectimals is retarded.

tacosRcool2858d ago

Shouldn't we all just go outside? I think we all needs a tan

testerg352858d ago

Let me guess.. you find that little monkey looking thing just so real and cute.

LarsoVanguard2858d ago

He actually didn't say anything about PS3 or Eyepet. Are you seriously so ready to explode that you literally scour this site looking for the most miniscule trace of a differing opinion and then launch an attack? If that's the case, it's likely you who needs to get outside, away from the computer, before you pop an aneurysm.

SuperStrokey11232858d ago

You respond to me 2 times on the same thread and bring up two things im not even talking about? Yeah good job trolling.

On a side not as Taco pointed out we should all go outside and enjoy the sun.

acky12858d ago

I live in glasgow, what's sun?

Eyepet n kinectimals are both shit. So, who gives a shit?

acky12858d ago

2 disagrees? Who on this site is into eyepet n kinectimals?

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LarsoVanguard2858d ago

Actually, only replied once. Perhaps your eyes aren't functioning properly? Perhaps a trip to the optometrist is in order.

btk2858d ago

EyePet / Kinectimals is suited to camera based controller. My kids enjoyed EyePet a lot. Kinectimals should be successful for this HD Tamagochi for consoles niche.

Dramscus2858d ago

There looks like a lot more to do in eyepet though, I'm kind of interested in it for myself plus think my gf would love to play with it. Kinectimals looks like part of a larger game, or a mini game as it were.

Stealth20k2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

wow another pro kinect article what a shock

and kinect animals is a casual piece of shovelware as far as I am concerned

testerg352858d ago

Oh you're right and as usual, its filled with PS3 peeps.

number472858d ago

Yeah its amazing how many Pro kinect articles there are after Microsoft spends half a billion on advertising and positive public relation articles.

TagMeIn2858d ago

Have trolled and darkened with your spiteful presence

TagMeIn2858d ago

On a kinect article complaining that kinect is getting positive article. Big shock.
What the hell?? You only want negative kinect articles? Aren't you tired of those? They've littered the internet!

SkyCrawler2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Cute little comic strip about kinect

WLPowell2858d ago

Busty Trannies 5... funny the 360 red-ringed after it ordered 500 copies.

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