Fallout New Vegas bug is scary

CVG: Fallout: New Vegas is so good it'll make your head spin, quite literally in the case of Doc Mitchell.

The first character you meet in New Vegas can't control his head, which spins around while he talks, before he floats around the room while his bonce flops down to chest level.

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Mista T2682d ago

lol, I wish this bug happened to me when I started the game. I would've laughed out of my chair :P

hay2682d ago

Lol, maybe it's homage to The Exorcist?

toaster2682d ago

Well if it's homage to poorly developed games then Obsidian is doing it right.

ProjectVulcan2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

They must use blind testers or something. I know the economy problems hit everyone hard, but you cant pick up cheap testing labour from the queue outside the nearest optician.

Timesplitter142682d ago

I want this game even more now

visualb2682d ago

I LAUFGHED SO HARD! especially when he stood up! xP

kneon2682d ago

I think Bethesda don't like doctors as there was a similar problem with the doctor in Megaton in FO3. If he was in bed and you went to talk to him his head would disappear or be twisted around in some very unnatural orientation while he was getting up.

Snakefist302682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )


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B-Real2062682d ago

weird, it was almost a day 1 purchase for me but I flaked out and changed my mind. Gonna hold out a little while.

jony_dols2682d ago

I don't think New Vegas is going to win all the accolades that Fallout 3 got,
but at least it is a definite shoe-in for one award : most broken game of the year.

Cenobia2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Despite all the glitches and negative comments (about glitches), I just couldn't help myself and "pre-ordered" from Amazon yesterday. I just really want to play a game like this right now.

Maybe because it's getting cold and the game takes place in Vegas...

I hated the way the story played out in the F3, so hopefully this is a big improvement in that department.

Acquiescence2682d ago

Look on the bright side, it would make a killer party trick.

Eiffel2682d ago

Have yet to get my copy, damn mail is slow lately. Love how I pre-order and get the game the day after release. Meh.

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The story is too old to be commented.