Toyota’s 24-Hour GT5 Challenge: Impressions from AUS Motor Show

Editors from Kotaku Australia were invited to participate in Toyota’s 24-Hour Gran Turismo 5 Challenge at the 2010 Australian Motor Show, and have already shared their impressions from the event. Even though they were admittedly casual players, they enjoyed it quite a bit:

"Maybe it was the occasion, maybe it was the race environment, or the fact that the race kinda meant something, but we found the Gran Turismo 5 experience a very satisfying one – and we have a renewed excitement for the game."

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sinncross2833d ago

hmm nothing new, but some forusm members on the site are going to add vids etc.

Ilikegames762832d ago

a casual gamers until a friend showed me GT4 and let me tried it.I kinda find it hard at first, but the longer you play the game, the more you'll get into it.