Blizzard is Correct; Hackers Should be Sued.

Remember when Blizzard banned 5000 Starcraft II users for using cheats during the single player campaign? Well Blizzard is back and their looking to take this situation to the next level. Blizzard is suing the three creators of these cheats, and you know what; they should be sued. Why should these hackers, who are essentially ruining the Starcraft II online community for honest players? The real people being cheated here aren't the Blizzard employees, but us gamers. Just imagine taking a curved college exam to find out that half the people in the class already had the answers, artificially inflating that curve. Your $500+ for that class just went to waste.

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jony_dols2836d ago

Gary here from Blizzard. I'll require your name, address and pps number.
You've been served.

CountDracula2836d ago

They won't be sued...

OR should I say they can't be!

They tried it with piraters and see how well that turned out. lol

bakasora2836d ago

Single player campaign?

Dramscus2836d ago

Yeah I was like wtf single player campaign. Honestly who's being hurt there? The poor poor computer players?
It's an awful big typo if they actually meant multi. Assuming their not that stupid and blizzard is actually suing over single player stuff I'm going to blame...
Bobby Kotick
F U Blizzard activision

That_Genius2836d ago

@ Dramascus well ya seeing as how the Starcraft creators, if I'm not mistaken, actually made up the single player cheats I don't think they can sue for that. =/

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HolyOrangeCows2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

It's not "Blizzard"... it's "Activision Blizzard, Inc"

Tachyon_Nova2836d ago

Who cares? As if vivendi/blizzard wouldn't have before they merged with Ativision

Kingdom Come2836d ago

Are what's wrong with the gaming industry.

Neckbear2836d ago

That would be capitalism and lack of originality, bro.

gamingdroid2836d ago


Capitalism is what keeps the industry afloat!

Now I could agree with the lack of originality....

Neckbear2836d ago

Think about it, if gaming was more of a socialist thing.

No bitching about low budgets, Bobby Kotick, rehashes, anything. It would be simply people making the games they see on their minds, since they would ENJOY making them instead of doing so just for a profit.

Then again, stuff like that would never work in our current world, sadly. Also, it would take a way a part of the professionalism Game Devs usually have.

Beahmscream2836d ago

Capitalism? Now that's just ignorant.

Kewl_Kat2836d ago

A socialist gaming industry means the government would own and run it. Say goodbye to mature games, and say hello to more "family" games. Because of capitalism, small and big companies could thrive and profit.

jetlian2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

lol and All I see are fools beliving the Gov. People nowadays are blind as a bat and silly as a goose

visualb2836d ago

capitalism is whats wrong with a free market based product...please

EXTREME capitalism is whats wrong, just like EXTREME *inset economical structure here*

people blaming capitalism need to study a little more economy

its not capitalism thats wrong, its the people running the show, and just like ANY structure, it can be run badly.

don't blame the system, blame those who are in control of it, I agree though that atm the industry IS lacking originality, but thats more to do with the CONSUMER, not the system

if consumers knew what quality was more (say were more informed) then we wouldn't have a problem.

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Nihilism2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Hackers and modders keep PC gaming alive.

I buy a lot of games, most of them I would not if there were no cracks to bypass intrusive DRM. I use mods for a lot of games. FOV mods for Bioshock 1 and 2 and an FOV mod for RE5, I use item and weapon mods for dragon age and fallout 3...



ReservoirDog3162836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Well isn't modding and hacking different? From a moral standpoint at least.

edit: @ disagrees

Haha, I guess not huh? Lesson learned. Hacking = modding.

TheSadTruth2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

The article is misleading because they did go after single player campaign achievement "cheaters," but they are not going after the creators of those cheats (trainers), they are suing the creators of multiplayer hacks.

These are people who profited by SELLING hacks that are used to CHEAT in multiplayer games, this has nothing to do with modding or recreational hacking.

Maphack, Disconnect hack, amongst other things have ruined Blizzard games since the dawn of time, its about time they send a message and make the ladder playable again.

Fadetoblack692833d ago

No, Corporations are whats wrong with the gaming industry!

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sloth33952836d ago

so they cheating in a single player game and are getting sued for making the game easier for them because they were no good at it?

STONEY42836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

There are already built in cheats for single-player in the game. What these people are making is farming and multiplayer cheats.

Psychotica2836d ago

Exactly right. It worked wonders for the music industry too.

Spydiggity2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

was goin after EVERYONE. blizzard is going after the creators...not the end users (they just get banned).

it makes sense to me too, having the article rather than just the headline. people who use cheats are throwing off the curve. the reason i stopped playing starcraft 2 is cuz people were using the map hack. when people ask me if they should get sc2, i tell them not unless they plan on cheating. it's bad press.

as far as i can tell, there are 2 ways to go about this. you can go back and forth with the hackers, creating a patch, waiting for it to be hacked, then release a new one. then you end up with 15 patches in the first year. OR, you can sue the f*ckers responsible for ruining an otherwise great game and community.

considering the amount of money probably invested in paying employees to keep up with new hacks and employees to create patches that block them, which would you do?

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