How Important Are Clans?

With the huge popularity these days of online multiplayer gaming, one of the biggest requests from gamers has been for console clan support. But just how important are clans in online gaming?

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timmyp533922d ago

clans should be used for clan battles only. If not then its just a @ss whooping for noobs.

drunkpandas3922d ago

Yeah too many times I've seen massive amounts of people leave online games when clan members start to gang up on people. It's a shame.

DaTrooF3921d ago

i'm straight by myself=]

EZCheez3921d ago

There was some way that server matches for clans could be listed seperately and could be matched up for opposing clans online, say a clan could search for a clan match the same way a single player could.. I do know how the clan "gang" game goes and I have been on both sides.

drunkpandas3921d ago

I agree. There needs to be some way to segregate the clans out if support is added to a game

s8anicslayer3921d ago

not important at all, just as meaningful as nights of columbis

cr33ping_death3921d ago

are only good for teaching other cheats, glitches and whatever it takes to win. on the other hand i love taking on people who are in clans and wasting them on GEARS. i have gotten my fare share of invites but always turn them down. i got got a few invites in RESISTANCE too.

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The story is too old to be commented.