Gaming Today File-N-Forget Episode 3: Overhyped

The third episode of Gaming Today's File-N-Forget podcast broaches the question of when is too much hype a negative to a game's potential success?

Host Ron Whitaker and guest host Shawn Sines discuss the Bioshock launch. Why Halo 3 is destined to fail and how games like Psychonauts, Crysis and GTA IV figure into the hype machine that is video game marketing and news sites.

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djt233956d ago

ok i will listen to it
i just hope it is good

GRAMPAGAMER3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

most of the games they mentioned are hype because they earned it from past versions, so they create an expectation in consumers that they will again experience the same level of enjoyment. (is that wrong?)

and why do they comparing console games to pc games?, as if pc games are the pinnacle of the gaming experience?,.. it's just plain wrong.

these critics have become so negative and jaded, I fear they will never be pleased,..may have completely lost touch with what fun actually is.

I challenge both of the speakers to do one thing that would be worthy of some hype, whether it's an excellent podcast commentary/review or an unforgetable sunday morning breakfast.

LrdApoc3955d ago

@Grampagamer: I'm sad to hear you think I've become negative or jaded. Honestly the discussion was centered about the artificial expectations that the self perpetuating hype machine creates. I don't think we implied that PCs are the penultimate gaming experience, but I respect your opinion.

I think the gist was that gaming news sites and gamers make the hype. Yes some of it is based on the prior performance of a title and its sequels but its like that one pop song they play over and over and over again on the radio. No matter how catchy or good it might have been when you first heard it, after the 2 billionth airing you are praying it'd just go away. I guess that is to some extent how I feel about rabid game hype.

Thanks for Listening.


GRAMPAGAMER3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

I can agree the developers trott out their games to media sites (magazine, web, tv, etc) out of a mutual necessity for both parties

And the news sites pump up the games so called selling points and atributes that supposedly make the games a must have, (need I mention Spiderman or the Matrix).

Even though they know from their limited but experienced perspective that the games are a steaming pile poo.

Then on review night they butcher the game like an overweight hog.

Betraying those who depend on their reports,.. who then purchase the game anyway, just to find out the bad review were spot on.

and in less than 6 weeks the game can be found in the bargin bin for less than 50% of the asking price.

so in that regard I agree with the premise of your podcast.

but a game like Halo (I mean the 6 year old original) that I can still pick up anytime and still get a unique visceral challenging experience anytime I play.

(and no,.. microsoft doesn't pay me a dimes)

...To say that the next gen iteration of a game like that,

.. That is being created on an order of magnitude that eclipes the original by at least 100 to 200%(by my reconning) doesn't evoke some desire in you to play all of it's innovative features (compared to the original),.. is ludacris and shows either an underestimation of who your listeners are or either a lack of understanding of what the game promises to deliver.

that being said,..I enjoy listening to your podcasts because for the most part I think it's packed with content, passion and usually a balance and unique perspective.

I apreciate your measured and considerate response. peace.