5 Bad Precedents set by the Xbox 360 lists 5 bad precedents set by the Xbox 360, from multiple SKUs to rushed hardware issues.

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ShiftyLookingCow3923d ago

let the killing of brain cells begin........

marinelife93922d ago

He had a pretty good line about people lapping up $#!t. I was laughing out loud when I read that.

razer3922d ago

It's ALLLLL MS's fault..

MS put a gun to Sony's head and said YOU MUST HAVE MULTIPLE SKUS!

I do however agree with #3 and #5. But MS is in a business to MAKE MONEY, if the market will bear a price point that is what they will charge. It happens in all business!

And this article makes it sound like MS wanted to put out a buggy 360. It cost them dearly in PR and money, it was a mistake and nobody is perfect and they are paying dearly for it. But the PS2 had it's share of problems and it didn't set the precident because the Xbox1 was great hardware..

This person sounds more like a 360 hater than anything..

"I’m not implying that the Xbox 360 is the only system to set bad precedents this generation. I may write up a similar article for the Wii and PS3 as well because they’ve both had their share of crap."

Yea I'm sure you will get right around to that won't you?? pftt..

MikeGdaGod3922d ago

still got my working ps2 from 2000

Lucidmantra3922d ago

really I went through 4 PS2's ... tit for tat my friend.

And what about the dozen games that were damaged from spin around on the PS2.. all that and I still loved my PS2. Imagine that.

MikeGdaGod3922d ago

sorry to hear that but, before i came to this site, i actually never knew anything about the ps2 having problems.

all my buddies stil have their ps2 and as far as i know they haven't had any trouble. i'm not doubting your issues but considering the amount of ps2's out and the number of 360's out, there's no comparison.

in the one year i had my 360 it broke down twice, to me thats unforgivable. i wish i was as forgiving as you, but as i've never had to deal with console hardware problems, i won't accept this from them or anyone else.

snoop_dizzle3922d ago

they definetly could've done a lot more.

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The story is too old to be commented.