Why the PS3 Offers a Unique Gaming Experience

If you're someone who loves something a bit different in their games, the PS3 might be the place to be. TheGamingReview give their choice of the most unique PS3 titles.

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dangert122986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Bluray for gaming
Host of exclusives

are come on double post =(

dangert122986d ago

Bluray for gaming
Host of great exclusives
playstation plus

BigDan802986d ago

BR is handy, especially for games like MGS4 and GT5, wouldn't be possible with a single DVD.

BigDan802986d ago

Well this'll bring the 360 fanboys out in force ;-)

Decent write-up though.I really like TLG and Noby Noby Boy,great games.

djreplay2986d ago

That's why it's my gaming system of choice.

Fulensenca2986d ago

Linger In Shadow ( I loved it, I hope to hear something from Plastic about a new experience soon ), Pain, Everyday Shooter, The Eye of Judgement, flOw, Folklore, Heavy Rain, Tori-Emaki.

PS: I can' t wait for Journey!!!

PoisonedMonkey2986d ago

All great games! Trouble is that article could've gone on for a looooong time if every unique game was included..! Comment on the article itself, might even get added :)

Fulensenca2986d ago

I just did as you suggested ;)

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