Xbox: 'Our cut-price console will steal consumers from PS3'

Microsoft has shrugged off any fear that its Core Xbox 360 will struggle for prominence in the Christmas market – and told MCV that its price drop will tempt customers away from PS3.

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ALI-G3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

1.price : competitive+ price cut+ range of SKU
2.relaibilty :extended warrinty+falcon in the wy huge lineup:HALO3 in the top+wide range of games
4.markting:this is will be the key.they got good AD in UK tv . HALO3 marketing will have big impact. live +DL movies SD/HD+ IPTV which they need to make people more aware of
6.phriphales: i think they got the best + HD-DVD seems more attractive than ever befor afteer Parmount move, they just need to give us the same traat as USA with free 5 movies

@3:do like me ps3/wii/360/(not too crapy)pc

Vojkan3930d ago

You are forgeting MASS EFFECT

ReconHope3930d ago

Isn't that the point of a price-drop?....

MikeGdaGod3929d ago

i gave them a chance when i bought their 360 (never owned original xbox). all i've had was trouble with them (too many to name).

the only games i really enjoyed was Dead Rising and Gears.

maybe its because i've always been waiting for the ps3, but even without many games, i still see way more value in ps3. the 360 is nice to have to compare, but in the end its almost a no brainer.

my cousins has had my 360 since the ps3 launched and i still play over his house from time to time, but i don't even miss it. Besides Mass Effect and maybe Bioshock, there's no other games coming for 360 that even interest me, so i told him he can have it. and now with the onslaught of great games coming on ps3, im going to be too busy for two consoles anyway (i do have a life besides playing games all day).

I definitely wont be getting another 360, i tried to give them a chance but after two years, it not worth the hassle. maybe they didn't "steal" my money. but after buying a premium, all the accessories, two broken consoles, and being told later its not really as premium as i thought, i'll just stick with my trusty PS.

jay33930d ago

They shouldn't have said that...

Honcho3930d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Get the best of both worlds like me. Proud owner of elite and 80gig ps3. don't bother with the wii. it gets annoying after a couple plays. and I don't see why people bother with the core when there are all those rumurs about 360 games requiring a hard drive..

JUSTaGAME3930d ago

What are YOU talking about!?
I love my Nintendo paper weight!

MaximusPrime3930d ago

shows how desperate Microsoft is.

People listen, get Wii or PS3. Both are better than unreliable Xbox 360. Dont make Microsoft waste your time. It wasted my time.

JUSTaGAME3930d ago

I really appreciate your intelligent unbiasd remarks.
I also appreaciate having a VIDEO GAME console that has games to play on it.

The Real Joker3930d ago

Yes everyone. THIS is how you lose bubbles. Take note.

BIadestarX3930d ago

Nice try... but before a company shows desperation they must first be losing... didn't you see yesterday NPD numbers? Ohh wait.. you though it was a very bad nightmware. well it was not... They didn't lie... every Xbox 360 sold will most likely be a PS3 that will not be sold. Many people can't aford both consoles for a while.

"Both are better than unreliable Xbox 360" I don't know if you noticed... but the RROD news are slowing down. Problems with the new SKU like the elite are rare... How long are you planing on using that lame excuse?

I don't know in what dream world you live in... but in the next following months... with all the AAA titles hitting the xbox 360, price drop, PS3 back to $600, PS3 AAA titles getting 6 and 7 out of 10... Desperation... is not one thing that you will see from Microsoft. at least until Metal Gear or Final Fantasy are released.

MaximusPrime3930d ago

at least some fella agreed with my comment.

snoop_dizzle3930d ago

becasue hey why listen to a real gamer when you can listen to a narrow minded fanboy, boy golly what should i choose?


Btw its a joke.

MaximusPrime3929d ago

makes me laugh when some idiots "disagreed" with my second comment.

Anyone agreed?

HarryEtTubMan3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Microsoft is absolutely desperate....they have a 360 barely beating PS3 in the U.S by 11,000 units (but losing in the world-wide race for the past few months.... but wait THAT doesnt matter..)lol. Sony has the PS2,(which is still outselling 360,LMAO!!) the psp, and the mighty PS3 with a long life cycle ahead of it!! I have a 360... I want a PS3... Microsoft blows and only wants your money.. Playstation has always been and will always be the ultimate gaming system. Unless something DRASTIC happens..

EDIT: I wasted my money on Micrsoft too Panix, many people have... I good reliable platform designer just DOES NOT have screwed up systems TWO years after being made...they still willa year from now. haha lmao. The only reason is cuz they were scared and rushed 360 out to try and beat PS3.. they don't have a freakin chance get over it!

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