Shocking secrets of USA game store workers

Videogame store employees. They have to have the easiest job on the planet, right? Play videogames, sell videogames, buy videogames, organize videogames, stand around and talk about videogames. They spend their entire day goofing off and hanging around the very things they love. Seriously, how hard can it be?
Games Radar finds out.

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closedxxx4081d ago

That was generally entertaining.
And though I have run into a few female video game retailer employees, the majority of them are unbathed, ungroomed males between the age of 16-35. And they all have a condescending tone in their voice whenever they feel the need to impart some of their infinite nerdy knowledge on you.

Oh, and their generally not fit, and unattractive from what I can gather as a hetersexual male.

Ares844081d ago

The Xbox fanboys and WoW fans are the most annoying people....what a suprise!! /sarcasm

Coconutz9194081d ago

That was actually a great read. Gotta love stupid parents!

purin4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

and here i thought it was ponies and caramel
i actually was thinking about getting a job at gamestop -_-;

Covenant4081d ago

Very informative article. I have buddies who work for GameStop who tell the same stories.

Speaking from personal experience:

WoW fans are generally pretty reasonable, although they were like crack whores when it came to the release of Burning Crusade. I was offered six different bribes, ranging from $10 to $75, to sell it early. (Nope).

I personally love the moms who come in looking for WoW subscription cards, wondering why their kids can't be collecting baseball cards or comic books instead of the game.

I'm always amazed at the parents who buy their ten-year-old kids GTA, even after being told about the content. It's their choice; but don't complain to me when you have a seventeen-year-old spoiled brat sociopath. There was one kid, about 12, who looked like he wanted to gut me with a dull spoon because I told his mom what kind of content was in GTA: Vice City.

Most of the people I deal with are casual to frequent players, but I do get a few hardcore players, and I've had some REALLY bad fanboys come in, more on the PS3 side than the 360 (sorry, that's just what I've seen).

I hate summertime, tho, because of the kids who bug the s#it out of you and play the Guitar Hero demo for two hours at top volume. Parents basically drop them off for us to babysit while they run errands or something.

Christmas n00bs suck.

My favorite was the woman who came in with her kid looking for Halo 2...for the PS2. Even after I told her that it was NOT a PS2 game, and never would be, she went to another co-worker...and another...and another...each time insisting that we were wrong and that she had seen ads for it on PS2. She then went to the gamestore next door and complained to them that we were idiots. She then asked for Halo 2...for the PS2. My friend, who was working there, told her that she was wating her--and his--time, because it was NEVER, EVER EVER, coming to PS2. She flipped him off and left.

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