Good Old Games releases cryptic Baldur's Gate-including video

The Good Old Games closure scenario becomes even more mysterious this afternoon, with what appears to be an odd teaser video posted to Youtube.

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SimpleSlave2832d ago

...if its true that all they are doing is closing the Beta phase and opening the full fledge site, all they could've done was say so. I mean, really, whats with all this bull?

If not then, then I am sad to see it go.

Free DRM


Christopher2832d ago

It may not just be a closing of the beta. A new stockholder may be a publisher that requires some DRM on certain applications. So, not only may it be going final with the site, it might also be them adding some DRM to existing and future games from various publishers.

Regardless, it doesn't look like GOG is going away, which is the best news, IMHO. I know people hate DRM, but as long as the DRM is limited I don't mind since the majority of the games here you can't find anywhere else that can guarantee they're completely playable on current Windows OS computers.

PSboy2832d ago

The smell of PR stunt?

Akagi2832d ago

I hope so. GOG is my favourite DD, I rank it higher than Steam.

RBLAZE19882832d ago

since this would be the best way to get new curious people to go to your site and maybe track its status as they unveal a new site.

Zinc2832d ago

They used the words 'in our current form'. Not sure, but seems odd.

Theo11302832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I never used GOG, but I could't hurt to have other options for consumers. Although this feels like a marketing stunt, maybe it going steams direction.

Cajun Chicken2832d ago

Here's my prediction. They've hooked up with Interplay. This is then going to related to Beamdog digital service of which Beamdog (previous members of Bioware) are doing the new port of MDK2 (being the old team for it), the HD one for PC announced only for download on that service and the WiiWare version for Interplay.

It's all linked. That's my hunch. I'll add a bonus prediction and say that either Nick Bruty or Planet Moon will also possibly be involved.

Letros2832d ago

Nice prediction, I could see it all happening.

Elven62832d ago

Atari owns the Baldur's Gate license now so I doubt they're related. Interplay only owns Dark Alliance.

Beamdog is also an indie developer not owned by any company.

Cajun Chicken2832d ago


I can dream, though, can't I?