Ninja Theory Dev Comments on 10GB Audio, next game on dual bd?

A developer from Ninja theory responds to the recent news about the developers using over 10GB of space for only Heavenly Sword audio.

The developers came very close to using a dual layer blu-ray disc because even with the size of the single layer blu-ray disc, they were having problems fitting all all of the game's audio data onto a single layer blu- ray disc. According to the developer :

"We use a mixture of compressed and uncompressed, but lots were compressed for the reasons people have stated.
Make no doubt, fitting all the audio in and not stuttering and being the the highest quality we could get wasn't easy, it was quite a problem even with the size of blu-ray. At one point we seriously considered dual layer Blu-ray cos of disk space issues."

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Violater4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Before the fanboy dissection of this game begins.
I am glad they did not go to dual layer.
Clearly they could have gone all out and compressed it all, but with all the region free language options they welcomed the available capacity.

@ all the mindless trolls sure to follow in this thread, thanks for your meaningless contribution.
This game is sure to do fine for sure since you are all deem it necessary to be here.

Lord Anubis4017d ago

I wish they had gone with dual layer. YOu see blu-ray will differentiates a good quality experience and a cinematic experience. I want the cinematic Experience. Perhaps you don't most of us do.

nasim4017d ago

2 50GIG DUAL layered Blue Rays!!!!!!!!

GARBAGE BOX fanboys would just be confined to backdated 2$ DVD drive

cuco334017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )


your comments are worse then DJ, up until we found out he JUST got a ps3 making any and all of his comments null and void but you sir are a tool

reread your posts before you hit the ADD REPLY button and ask yourself... do i look like a prepubecent virgen and am i contributing to the site or am i making yet another fanboy comment as usual? it's people like you that make the internet a sh*tty place

xhi44017d ago

Considering dual-layer blu-ray disc? Wow imagine that on a DVD 9....shattastic. I reckon MGS4/Killzone 2 will be dual-layered Blu Ray disc. Maybe Microsoft should incorporate either blu-ray drives into their models or hd-dvd drives. I mean in the future, lets say 5-6 years time right, the games will be so massive, they'd have to fit it on two or three dvd9s. That would be a major inconvenience. Many developers have stated the limitations of DVD9, i mean it is old gen technology.

ENNO4017d ago

Kojima was asking is he could do it on dual layer last I heard!!

TnS4017d ago

Is deep working at Ninja Theory or what? :)

TriggerHappy4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Actually nah, not yet..:p but I cant post the link to the main source, those are developers quotes though. The source is well, you see it is devs playground and to keep it from the likes of fanboys, I did not add it.
Deep is is close to the devs...:)

alexander22rednaxela4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

A lesson in DVD geography and compression would be great.

boi4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

it says due to audio not gameplay length...theres a big difference

Xbox 360 Will4017d ago

then our demo would have been the full game for the 360. So it looks more like DVD9 will become obsolete.