30° Fallout: New Vegas Interview "This may be Obsidian's first crack at the Fallout series, but it certainly isn't Josh Sawyer's. The Fallout: New Vegas Project Director and Lead Designer was involved with Black Isle's aborted attempt to make Fallout 3 back in 2003. Now back working on the series he clearly loves, Sawyer is making up for lost time.

With Fallout New Vegas just a couple of months from release, we took the opportunity to talk about old engines, new shooting and the Wu-Tang Clan of voice casts."

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bradlinho2898d ago

i've never read a more insightful interview in my life. the people that did this are AMAZING.

ShawnCollier2898d ago

Sounds like these guys really had fun making it.

Sanrin2897d ago

Some very cool information actually, most interviews are kinda meh to me.