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GamingUnion.net: Fallout: New Vegas Interview

GamingUnion.net: "This may be Obsidian's first crack at the Fallout series, but it certainly isn't Josh Sawyer's. The Fallout: New Vegas Project Director and Lead Designer was involved with Black Isle's aborted attempt to make Fallout 3 back in 2003. Now back working on the series he clearly loves, Sawyer is making up for lost time.

With Fallout New Vegas just a couple of months from release, we took the opportunity to talk about old engines, new shooting and the Wu-Tang Clan of voice casts." (Fallout: New Vegas, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

bradlinho  +   1852d ago
i've never read a more insightful interview in my life. the people that did this are AMAZING.
ShawnCollier  +   1852d ago
Sounds like these guys really had fun making it.
Sanrin  +   1852d ago
Some very cool information actually, most interviews are kinda meh to me.

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