IGN Presents The History of Halo

Tracing the evolution of Combat Evolved. Did you know that Halo 2 was supposed to finish the fight?

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ps3alldayeveryday2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Good video! See now you dont have to spend your money on the games now.

*R.I.P. "viking805fan"*

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Jack-Pyro2778d ago

This was a cool video, nice to get a little recap of what happened.

Now that I hear it in 5 is a little nonsensical.

RedDead2778d ago

They don't go into much detail, they tell the basic outline of the plot, such as the arbiter, he was supposed to be excecuted but the 2 real leaders made him te arbiter because 1: He can fight and 2:He deserves to go on suicidel missions for letting the Halo get destroyed, they also don't mention the Arbiter from Halo Wars who kicks ass, he's actually one who believes the covenant through and through.

Then there's the sarge dying at the end, the Halo they activate in the end will be destroyed because it's not fully built yet an that goes against Guoilty sparks programming. SO he try's to kill them to save the Halo... What else am I missing?

sdtarm2778d ago

really good video and kind of funny, there r still a couple of holes in the plot i dont get but real cool video

NarcolepZZZZZZ2778d ago

You guys realize there's a 3 page article as well right?

SixZeroFour2778d ago

so far...i think you were the only one that clicked the article

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