Why gamers are better at handling life

"With video games, sometimes you enter levels that are rather easy to navigate and play through, but as time passes, the levels get harder, and the bosses become more formidable. And in some cases, the solutions to various traps and puzzles seem to elude you until you are certain that you will never be able to figure things out.

Life is like that sometimes."

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Wile3935d ago

An article that makes me feel good to be a gamer.

P4KY B3935d ago

We should have it framed.

Wile3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

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Jen5en3935d ago

As true as it may be, the elder generations will always perceive gaming as a mind deteriorating activity.

Actually, whenever you play a game (depending on the difficulty) almost every part of the cerebrum is active and the brain forces itself to give that little "extra" power, so you can actually beat a game. Don't believe this? Ask your parents if they would join you in a co-op game in Gears. Even though you have more experience, your fingers' reaction are many times that of theirs.

I read a Danish magazine, for example, that old folks playing Counter Strike on a home were stimulated tremendously by it, and that their reflexes were on par with someone 20-30 years younger.

But, alas, according to the media and the elder ones, gaming is nothing but staring into a screen and pressing some buttons. It's MUCH better to sit down and watch the trash they show on TV... we might learn something right? Or spend our entire lives paying off a mortgage and cheating on the wife. Gaming is here to stay, for good.

gEnKiE3935d ago

I sit down and play games to relieve a lot of stress and to get my mind off things, same goes for music too. I know it sounds stupid but ffvii got me through a lot of stress i was going through at the time and i respect that game more than anything. people look at me like im stupid when i say that but everybody has their way of coping with things and games is my way. Games are much much more than just sitting and pushing buttons imo.

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