Capcom has some attractive items up for sale at TGS

Andriasang: Capcom updated its Tokyo Game Show goods list today, and you're looking at the best item of the bunch. That Chun-Li appears as artwork in the Capcom Girl's Calendar 2011 calendar. We've previously covered it on this site, but never with a look on the inside.

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Quagmire2724d ago

One can only imagine what Chun-Li couldnt do with those thighs of hers...

FiftyFourPointTwo2724d ago

That could have been her alternate costume in SSF4!! Shame on you Fapcom. :P

JaggerJack52724d ago

she would drain me dry with them legs. I would stick my face between them pillows of hers for days lol.

Solid_Snakeps32724d ago

Chun-li? fap fap fap fap fap...

2724d ago