Criminal Girls: First Look at the New Girls

Andriasang: As detailed in this week's Flying Get column, Dengeki PlayStation delivered a huge followup report on Criminal Girls this week, sharing details on the remaining four girls. The magazine's online counterpart has since posted some of the screens, showing off the girls and the newly revealed gameplay bits.

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goldensfree2899d ago

pantie shot? hard 2 tell.... how bout changing the pic to something i can have on at work...

Count2899d ago


It's like they do it all for attention.

What the hell happened to decency and etiquette?

Acquiesce2898d ago

these anime chicks really lose their way once puberty hits. And they used to be such sweet girls as well.

N4GAddict2899d ago

The pic attracts more viewers...

N4GAddict2899d ago

Aside from the suggestive stuff, this looks pretty good.

Quagmire2899d ago

Even Quagmire finds this shameful.

Redempteur2898d ago

i hope this make it overseas in nisa busy release agenda

2898d ago
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