GT5 “GameStop Edition” Packaging Reveals Back of Case

When Joey Logano went up against Kazunori Yamauchi in GT5 at the private GameStop manager convention, everyone in attendance won a free copy of the game. While Sony (obviously) wasn’t able to just hand it over yet, they did provide attendees with empty Blu-Ray cases sporting special-edition box art for Logano and Yamauchi to sign. This has, interestingly, provided us with the first look at the back of the game’s case, which showcases 2005 Gran Turismo Award winner Stephen Papadakis’ Honda S2000.

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Poseidon2959d ago

red dead, battlefield bad company 2 and this game are going to be my xmas presents, damn! gt5 is almost here! ;) YESS!!

jonnyp7772959d ago

I'll sell you mine. I don't like that game. Play MW2 like crap after I play that, and the graphics are horrible. You should get Black Ops instead. But maybe I'll see you on GT5. Can't wait for that game.

Lou-Cipher2959d ago


Screw that, Gran Turismo 5 is a day one game. Im not waiting an extra 7+ weeks for the best game ever made.

Bereaver2959d ago

Who said he couldn't get his Christmas present early? :D

SasanovaS19872959d ago

man cant wait to head to head with a buddy 1 v 1 offline, me with the g27, they with the controller... let the race begin!!!

Tunerboy87322959d ago

SO you cant wait to race unfairly g27 vs controller?How is that fair??

LordStig2959d ago

When it comes out, why don't you race me with my GT wheel and driving rig, and get use to seeing the rear end of my car cos your gonna see alot of it ;)

SasanovaS19872959d ago

well, some of the best times on time trial demo were with a controller, so i dont see what the problem time was 1:38.255 (timetrial), and it was before i got the G27...

2959d ago

Why will you rent it if you don't have a PS3?

MaximusPrime2959d ago

looking at his past comments. he's clearly a xbox 360 fanboy.

Sorry that xbox 360 is 3rd place. nothing you can do about it. (yes im talking about the world not USA)

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dtrain212959d ago

I hav a PS3 but mostly my friends are on XBL

MaximusPrime2959d ago

well you are in a wrong place.

i have PS3 and most of my friends are on PSN. Im here at a right place.

You have full support of Xbox so i suggest you comment on xbox-related articles. you are welcome to view PS3-related but not make stupid fanboyish comment.

renting this GT5 doesn't make sense.

dtrain212959d ago

I'm more into the Arcadey racing games like Split/Second, Burnout, Blur, Dirt, Need for Speed. If u like a real driving simulator then good for YOU. Thats why i said i might rent it.

PS3-2472959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Don't worry about it dude. Nothing wrong with renting GT5 but a demo should be coming out so you may not need to rent. GT5 will be too good to not buy it. I don't think I'll be buying GT5 on day one like I wanted because of bills. :(

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