Here you have it. No open beta for Black Ops..

There have been rumors circling the air for quite sometime on a beta. This video is a private interview with a guy from Activision clearly stating "There will be no open beta." Start the video at about 5:33 if you don't feel like watching it all to listen.

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evilbart2995d ago

Cod haters incoming,brace yourself

deadreckoning6662995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Yeah lol. I know were your coming from, there are a ton of em on N4G. Honestly, I don't care if someone hates COD(to each his own). Where the problem lies is that many COD haters on this site not only constantly bash COD games...but also the people who play them. Its okay if you dislike a game someone else likes..but to bash someone for simply enjoying a game? Thats pretty low right there...and the COMPLETE opposite of what gaming is about.

Same thing happens with Halo. I've seen comments(in Halo articles mind you) that claim that Halo is "inferior" to other shooters, namely Killzone 3. If you NEED to go into a HALO article to call it inferior to a game that you personally think is better..ur simply a child.

Either way, dumbass fanboys are a small, small, small minority in this industry and the only illusion of power they have is on anonymous gaming news sites like this. In the grand scheme of things, the only thing they accomplish is making the rest of us gamers look bad.

Redempteur2995d ago

the same thing happens with GTA4 haters and FF13 haters .

by reading the comments here you'd believe that everyone hated these games when it's false

captain-obvious2995d ago

"No open beta for Black Ops"

closed beta ??

bjornbear2995d ago

who wants to bet the MP will be broken =/?

TROLL EATER2995d ago

stage is set once again for glitches

Serjikal_Strike2995d ago

game patch ....after game patch..... after game patch....after game patch:(

MAR-TYR-DOM2995d ago

Or, it could just be like other cod games where they are abandoned 6 months after release.

theEnemy2995d ago

lol, November (Launch Month) IS the beta period.


the-show-stopper2995d ago

maybe the internal beta will be enough
they probably saw that everyone in the MoH beta took it for a demo and they realized that most gamers arent that smart
good move on their part

The_Claw2995d ago

agreed, too many people see betas as "early access to the game!" rather than trying to help devs make the game better for the final build.

PhantomT14122995d ago

Then Activision testers were not better than these people when they got the MW2 internal beta...

redDevil872995d ago

after MW2 they're not doing an open beta? SMH. Be ready for patches and downloads.

MGRogue20172995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

... Oh well, They are only killing a good thing for themselves here anyway..

I would have thought they'd know this already:

Beta = Criticism & good feedback = Better game for you & me.

getonmylev3l2995d ago

99% of the people that take part of "AAA" betas, play it like a demo and don't give feedback to the dev. (Including me)

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The story is too old to be commented.