First off-screen Duke Nukem forever pics

Check out the first off-screen pictures of Duke Nukem Forever as people play the game.


Added some slightly higher-quality pictures.

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GuruStarr782695d ago

....those are some bad pics.

Valay2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Sorry, was the best I could do because I was capturing them from the stream which is in low-quality. Better than nothing, right?

Brewski0072695d ago

Well thanks anyways bud. thought was there ! :) .
Looking forward to seeing some awesome hi-def ones in a bit ! :)

darthv722695d ago

valay, you werent there taking them yourself? You were grabbing shots from a streaming vid? Why not just post the link to the stream?

GuruStarr782695d ago

it's cool...wish I was there....have a good time and say hi to the destructoid crew for me!

lokiroo4202695d ago

Then why make an article about it and post it on this website? Screen captures of a low quality stream, is there no quality control anymore?

deadreckoning6662695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Cause they wanted to be the first with gameplay pics. If you had your own gaming news would understand that being FIRST is a big deal.

@Valay- Yeah the urinal shot and the one before it with the soldier standing are low res, but you can tell that there is alot of detail their in the lighting department.

Valay2695d ago

Well, they're far from perfect, but I think you can see some of them pretty well - 1, 7, 10, the urinal shot.

Prcko2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I think this game gonna rock,gief something more!!!
some great stuff for you guys!

Kingdom Come2695d ago

Looks cool. This guy being interviewed who works at Gearbox mentioned that they have guys testing their "Other Unnanounced games", Hmmmm, interesting.

Nice to have you back Duke!

BasilMarceaux2695d ago

Duke Nukes looks like it has the best grafix ive ever seen.

Those screenshots of the game must feeture a part of the game where people are looking at a small screen in the dark, they look almost real to me. this game will feature great grafix and co-op gameplays!

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