Yahoo Review: PlayStation Move - Better than Wii?

Yahoo: Sony’s answer to Nintendo Wii arrives 17 September, promising greater accuracy and augmented reality in high definition. It is costly however, and lacks a killer app.

So the short answer is that, technically speaking, this new motion-sensing kit for PlayStation 3 is an improvement over Nintendo Wii. But as with any explanation that requires the words ‘technically speaking’ before getting to the details, PlayStation Move comes with a barrel load of caveats.

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ThePlaystationFour2999d ago

Both, Wii & Move are by far a better choice then Konnect.

ingiomar2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )


Move and Kinect are totally different Move is better with hardcore games while Kinect is better with casual games

Kinect won't go hardcore unless developers come up with a way to make it work

darthv722999d ago

Not sure if for now MS is requiring those who want to have kinect support in their game make it a kinect only game. As if to say that there will be a time where we will have the hybrid games of controller/kinect support.

One thing is certain, both move and kinect might not be the main focus for playing your games this gen but come next gen they will play a much bigger role.

mikeslemonade2999d ago

Yahoo news is stupid. I don't think I ever read a quality written and researched article from them. Yahoo Sports is good though.

PimpHandHappy2999d ago

Move and Kinect are totally different Move is better with hardcore games while Kinect is better with casual games

Wii says hi

i guess we will wait and see. Reviews will be interesting for Kinect games when you consider what we have all seen so far and the lengths MS has gone to hiding it from real gaming sites

WeaseL2999d ago

Yes, Kinect is good for casual games but Move is great for both hardcore and casual games.

Move wins

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2999d ago


Prove your argument by posting up video illustrating how well Kinect preforms with casual games. I'll wait.

Kinect is DOA and you won't be hearing much about this gen let along the next one.

Keltik822999d ago

Dude, Kinect is NOT better for casual games. The Tech Demo they released has proven that.

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knightdarkbox2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

PS Move will usually always have lag in it, because it uses a camera to track your movement. A camera can't do everything in real time so there will be a split millisecond lag. Wiimote on the other hand, does everything in real time. Only thing keeping it from being true 1:1 is the in game animations.

mac_sparrow2999d ago

Lucky this is N4G and not an episode of QI.

Not mentioning general ignorance at all ;)

blizzard_cool2999d ago

You think that the wii works on magic?

Misterhbk2999d ago

The camera is the reason it works better than Wii. That and the tracking ball on the end of the wand. The camera can track much more efficiently than the Wii can even hope for.

One thing you are correct on is the fact that there will ALWAYS be lag. Even a television has lag, but the Move works so well that our eyes wont even be able to notice the lag because like you said it will be around a split millisecond. That's faster than you can blink. Move works. Period. Day one for me.

jerethdagryphon2999d ago

uh both wimote and a camera use optical systems both are limited to speed of light and by thw way

thats 182348? mps

wimote isnt instant but its so close you dont notice it
unless the ey has a massive transmission overhead or calculating a butload of data its as fast

darthv722999d ago

While I believe both kinect and move are the after thoughts of their respected platforms. That will NOT be the same next gen.

As I recall, there were reports back in the cube days of nintendo working on a motion controller. They chose not to release it for the cube and instead went forward in making the controller the integral part of the next system instead of an addon.

Both sony and MS are taking the addon approach for now but I can almost guarantee that come next gen both will play a focal point in how we play those games.

tdogg060519912999d ago

A wireless controller has the same lag

karl2999d ago

since when does the wii track anything?
i thought it only detected the direction of your movements..
just like a bit more advanced six axis

and move its better on casual and hardcore games than kinect

CombatEvolving2999d ago

The wiimote is not motion control, its waggle control. Move uses real movement to control games. Have fun flailing to play "sports".

shoddy2999d ago

you dare to compare lag with wii and move?

EskiJoe2999d ago

No information can be transmitted faster than the speed of light. (Unless we are talking about quantum mechanics i.e. quantum entanglement)... In short: there will always be lag, no matter what the device.

The difference is in the observable lag, which can be caused by additional computation required by the device.

kneon2999d ago

Clearly you don't understand how the technology works. The camera is only part of the solution. But the camera runs at 60fps so even if only the camera were used then you would have an average latency of 8.3ms with a maximum of 16.6ms. But that is just for the camera capture, the data needs to be transferred to the console and processed to produce positional data.

But there is also the motion sensors that are used to give more frequent positional data. That is not tied to the camera capture rate. This data is used to estimate the position of the controller relative to it's last known position. Without the camera this method would eventually get too inaccurate as the errors would accumulate over time. But 60 times a second the camera checks the actual position so that it can never get too far off from reality.

Think of it as navigating via dead reckoning, and every once in a while you break out the GPS to find out where you really are as opposed to where you think you are.

weazel2999d ago

"PS Move will usually always have lag in it, because it uses a camera to track your movement."............... .
So where does that leave the purely camera based Kinect?

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2999d ago


You don't even have the slightest clue.

moparful992999d ago

I get the feeling you are just trolling considering you're a lifetime member of the "One Bubble Club" But I will humor you none the less.. Move has a huge advantage over the wii. This advantage is the camera, not to mention the insanely powerful cell processor at its disposal. Whereas the wii uses an IR bar and the only motion sensing that it has is gestured based. Wii can only detect movements via an accelerometer and a gyroscope.. It utilizes very basic motion detection like what the iphone has and then translates this into pre canned animations on screen... Move allows for a broad range of realistic motions because it uses the camera in conjunction with an accelerometer and gyroscopes inside the controller itself.. Yes lag is present in every form of video game input.. Even the dualshock 3 has lag but its soo minute the human brain cannot interpret that lag.. So you're little rant is completely off base and rather laughable... MOVE along...

Vip3r2998d ago

In all my days of being on gaming websites, I've just bumped into my first wii fanboy.

I never thought they actually existed but now I guess they do.

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mcnablejr2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

play station four.

grow up kid.

btw, plz link your kinnect reviews that you must have seen.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Needs more titles(those are coming) and some kinks to be worked out.

Sony has a hit on it's hands with the Move ...and things are only going to get better.

IGN 8.5

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-Mezzo-2999d ago

i have had it pre-ordered on Amazon, and the reason for it is that Games such as Killzone 3, inFamous 2, RE5, Heavy Rain, LBP2, Socom 4 etc... are supporting the Move, Since i was going to buy these game any way, why not try something new & play those games with Move.

mac_sparrow2999d ago

Exactly why I have preordered it too, but I decided to get sports champions for me and the missus to have something to use them with for now.

Oh and those who want to try to downplay the move, let me eat up your first joke...

"Why do you need sports champions to play the move with your missus? Surely you can use it as a dildo without a game to go with it?"

Wow, emulating those people has just made me feel the funniest I've felt in my whole life.

BabyTownFrolics2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

if move is more accurate and adds to the level immersion then I will give it a shot. If it ends up just being an alternative to a regular controller then I will pass.

but I dont but any hardware day one without getting my hands on it first.

all the videos I have seen using move with MAG do not impress me

mac_sparrow2999d ago

Testing it is certainly a good idea.

raztad2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

This Killer App stuff is so 2008. Each released game had an article asking if the PS3 finally got its killer app. Funny, nobody ask that anymore. Too many killer apps now, I guess.

MOVE is being released, the potential is there and support is coming. In a week I'll be playing MAG with it.

"We’re going to say that PlayStation Move as a hardware proposition deserves a chin-stroking 4 out of 5. If you already own a PlayStation 3 it's worth investigating for party options and enhancements to future blockbuster games. But if you just want to waggle get a Wii."

I have to disagree with that poor recommendation. Too much spin from Yahoo! It is like recommend to buy a dvd player (instead of BD) if you just want to watch movies.

OrganicMachine2999d ago

I kinda agree with their last sentence..

Move is still brand new and teh software line-up is building.. but the potential is there, especially for RTS games..

the accuracy sold me.. .If I just want to waggle,I would've had a wii since day 1.. but no, I don't like to waggle my wrist

Dance2999d ago

better hardware not software

himdeel2999d ago

...because the consensus from the "reviewers" is that the software isn't that great.

EskiJoe2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Hard to argue about something that is subjective. Some might say that Tetris is a great software others might say that KillZone 2 is a great software... But in the end better hardware opens the possibility to more sophisticated (as in graphics) software/games. It lies in the hands of the developers to create awsome games...

I might add that I look forward to seeing games that are Move enabled for example KillZone 3 :D

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