5 Subtle - Yet Huge - Changes Treyarch is Making to Call of Duty Multiplayer

Kombo attended the Call of Duty: Black Ops press event...Treyarch has tweaked multiplayer in Black Ops this way and that. These are 5 of the smallest changes that will have the biggest outcomes.

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hassi943021d ago

Hate to be a troll but everything they're doing is easy filler-crap that they put no effort into, which blind players who are too scared to try out other games just eat up again and again.

Call of Duty 4 was great, even WaW was good, but now you're just hooked onto the franchise for no good reason. Get over it and move onto games you wouldn't usually play!

Blazing_Crabs3021d ago

I suppose it has never occured to you that there people out there who actually enjoy the game?

You don't have to be a "blind player" to enjoy a game. Quit your whining and man up.

zeeshan3021d ago

Apparently, Activision do not want to fix what is not broken but the fact is that COD is totally broken now. Yeah yeah, I know disagrees are gona flow but the fact is that Bad Company 2 has done what COD hasn't done for the last 3 years in a row. They have come up with a great game with great balance. COD feels broken and ARCADY if you know what I mean and that's because Activision wants to milk the franchise to death and not want to change anything about it. They just want to release Call of Duty 1.5, 1.75, 1.80 and so on.

jdktech20103021d ago

Really? I like BC2 and all but all that game is at this point is half the players sniping from across the map. The other thing is while I like DICE and EA as developers, the lag in their games gets increasingly bad as time goes on and in general, the support and patches tends to dwindle as the life of a product continues. BC2 isn't lightyears ahead of COD...all that was really wrong with MW2 is some balance issues which looks to be almost addressed in BO

S_C3021d ago

No need to hate on black ops just because MW2 was an absolutly diabolical game, ill be getting this game as i think that they have done a really good job with it with the addition on COD currency, character customization, theater mode, emblem customization, wager matches and there still the big possability of zombie mode, so i for 1 will be getting this game as i feal they have put a big effort into it, if they were just going to do the typical cod game with the typical game modes like IW did last year i would not be touching it, but as they are being creative and giving us more options i will be buy it day 1.

120FPS3021d ago

So basically you are saying that Modern Warefare and World at War were good games but because MW2 wasnt up to standard the whole series is poor and should never be bought again?
Personally the only thing wrong with MW2 was that is was easy and people found many glitches on Mulitplayer, the game itself was good

VTHockey4113021d ago

Hey, if the glitches and exploits are fixed it's a fantastic multiplayer game. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and if there are a few things broken, fix them and make it perfect.

pangitkqb3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

So yes, stop trolling and simultaneously stereotyping gamers you don't even personally know. I enjoy the COD series as well as countless others on a multitude of platforms. I've actually purchased almost 20 games in 2010.

It's sad that the first comment on here is some tool hating and stereotyping.

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3021d ago
BeaArthur3021d ago

Definitely some needed changes. Still not sure whether it's going to be this or MoH.

Jack-Pyro3021d ago

I don't know about him, but I don't have an endless stream of money comming out of my ass.

As much as I love gaming, its a HOBBY, everything else, food, paying the rent, taking my girl out for a night on the town, that ALWAYS comes first, and if I have money left over, then I'll buy a game.

I've done a lot of thinking and whittled down my remaining purchases to 3, Black Ops, Halo Reach, and New Vegas, and even then I'm REALLY pushing it.

.....would be nice though, both games look really good.

joeyda3021d ago

Treyarch proved their multiplayer prowess with WaW. Psyched for this game specifically because of their efforts before.

divideby03021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

COD MP all you need to know is camp, shoot, move, camp, shoot, move... yawn
I bought the last COD game and its so broken I just wont waste my time online with it anymo

jdktech20103021d ago

um...isn't every game like that? Even with Halo, you're not gonna run out in the middle of the map to get sniped from if you camp for 10 minutes in one spot, that's bad

But if you go slowly checking your corners and behind you, killing someone that comes by, checking corners again and move on...that's called being smart. Camping is sitting behind a car for 10 minute sand picking people off as they go by.

Congrats, you bought the worst balanced COD game in years....that doesn't mean they're all like that since it's a different developer but seeing as how you're so smart and have it all figured out before the game comes out, carry on doing what ya want

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