Valve: "We Would Like Cross Platform Between PC & PS3"

Alex from writes "On the recent episode of GTTV, the entire show was basically dedicated to Valve with announcements of new DLC for L4D, Portal 2 info and the unveiling of Portal 2's co-op.

During an interview with Eric, Product Manager for Valve, Geoff asked a question if Valve would ever connsider cross platform play between PC and PlayStation 3 owners in the near future."

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Wizziokid3038d ago

that would be awesome, I hope this does happen.

Lex_Yayo_4073038d ago

Yes it would. Valve is starting to open up more.

rockleex3038d ago

Want to play against mouse and keyboards.

If they do this, they should split the multiplayer into two parts.

captain-obvious3038d ago

im saving up for a new rig
so there is going to be cuts i'll get LPB2 and COD:BO when they first come out and i'll buy GT5 and MOH later down the road
im already saving and hopefully I'll get it by the end of this year

so yah the problem is i dont know if i'll get this game on the PS3 or PC
im still confused
but most likely get it on PC i really dont know

so yah
its super savings for me from now tell the end of this year
you guys wish me luck

WeaseL3038d ago

mouse and keyboard V Move would be a closer battle

Redempteur3038d ago

thank god the ps3 has upto 4 usb ports so you can use a beyboard and a mouse(usb) if you feel cheated
And besides if they do this it's not like you'll be foreced to play against pc player it's just another option for multiplayer

InfectedDK3038d ago

Amazing Valve!
Just make an icon showing PS3 only or PC&PS3 server so people who don't wanna meet others with keyboard and mouse can do that..
This is great. I'm looking forward to see what games will come.

nix3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )


but having said that - it would be cool!!! i need to start practicing so that i can beat Conloles and 5000 card guy!!! lol.


deafwing3038d ago

... can't the devs just create the ps3 version to use a mouse and keyboard and solve this silly argument all together?

MicroSony4Life3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I think wont let it happen because of the hacking scare that they have been getting.

I can see where hacker would use this a some time of portal to hack the PS3.

RedDragan3038d ago

PS3 can already do Keyboard and Mouse.

It is up to the Devs to implement it into the PS3 games, UT3 did it.

Infact, PS1 did it. There was even an official Playstation Mouse sold by Sony, it is what I used to play X-Com in 1997 (I think it was 1997). So I see no reason why PS3 players cannot go up against PC players on an equal footing.

Plus.... a new release of the Playstation Mouse and a release of a Playstation Keyboard would be great money for Sony. I bet alot of PC-only gamers would make a move over to play Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 should Sony do an update for Mouse and Keyboard support.

nickjkl3038d ago

ps3 already has mouse and keyboard support

its usually how i type messages use the web browser tpye on home and navigate the xmb

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Pandemic3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

"We Would Like Cross Platform Between PC & PS3"

Consideration between PC and PS3 but no Xbox 360? Looks like they'll be left out to play by themselves.

Quagmire3038d ago

I'm sorry, I couldnt resist:

comp_ali3038d ago

that's because Microsft won't let them uses steamworks on X360. Just the PC and the PS3 version will have steamwors support.

DA_SHREDDER3038d ago

Now thats more like it Valve. Thanks Gabe.

Def Warrant3037d ago

I agree praise must be given when due.

ThanatosDMC3038d ago

Now if they can only hook my Steam account with my PSN... i dont want to have to pay twice for the same game after all.

TABSF3038d ago

Steam play

You purchase a game on PC and you get the Mac version Free
You purchase a game on Mac and you get the PC version Free

I would expect the game for PS3

pr0digyZA3038d ago

you would probably have the same account name and password I would think.

mistajeff3038d ago

oh man, steam play with ps3 inclusion would be so f**king sweet

ChickeyCantor3038d ago

But they still want you to pay for the work that went into the ps3 version.

mistajeff3037d ago

yeah but i'd gladly pay the extra $10 for the ps3 disc version if steamplay let me download a copy to my PC. especially for co-op-- i have people on both pc and ps3 that i'd play the hell out of co-op with.

il-mouzer3034d ago


you can't be logged on the same steam account of different machines at the same time

plus, I sure do not want to cash out another 10euros to pay SONY for their frigging license, even though I don't want to play portal on my ps3

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JoelR3038d ago


you do know that the PS3 supports Keyboard and Mouse right?
UT and other games use it.

raztad3038d ago

This cross-platform talk is very interesting and somehow supports the speculation about a Steam powered PSN.

Regarding the cross platform itself, most likely they are talking about COOP, like in L4D and probably in Portal 2. I dont think it is even possible to do VERSUS, and it is not just DPAD vs Kb/m balancing, but uncapped PC framerates vs locked framerate on consoles. I wouldnt like to compete against some guys running at twice my framerate.

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xYLeinen3038d ago

Got pretty pumped when I heard this on GTTV today. This is actually something they can achieve as well compared to cross platform between ps3 and xbox 360 which got no chance what so ever.

Once they get steam on the PS3 I think we will see many changes that we did except and didn't. And if we got a fps cross platform provided by Valve between PS3 and PC we could finally settle the rivalry score once for all :p

El-Fenemeno12133038d ago

if they can achieve this, idk i can't describe it. Simply put i guess it would be amazing

dredgewalker3038d ago

That would be so cool, that means tons of other players to play with. I can't wait for this to happen! If Valve can make this happen I will never ever make fat Gabe jokes ever again!

-MD-3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

The PC players would completely destroy the console players.

Don't tell me they won't because I will bet you anything a mouse will beat a controller 10 times out of 10. However! Because of this I hope it does happen as I play all my Valve games on Steam.

Edit: @xYLeinen - No doubt there are some seriously skilled console gamers out there. Even I think I could take some PC guys myself with a controller but I was speaking on completely level terms. Skill for skill a mouse will beat a controller in speed and accuracy. The best PC gamer will no doubt beat the best console gamer. Not to mention almost all console games have auto-aim as default and people have become used to it.

Just watch a couple videos of pro PC tournaments on youtube and then compare them to.. say pro Halo tournaments or whatever the go-to PS3 fps is. The stuff PC guys pull off would seem RIDICULOUS to do on a controller. Shadow Run was proof of this. The guys on PC slaughtered the 360 guys hands down and because of this the game died off almost entirely on 360 shortly after release.

xYLeinen3038d ago

I thought that too.

But if you watch some guys from optic nation playing on their xbox 360 (MW2) I don't think it's certain that a PC player would win necessarily. They are pretty damn skilled and their reaction with a controller is pretty damn accurate.

So put the best PC players up against the best console players in a capture the flag match or so and I think the results would surprise you.

reaferfore203038d ago

You forget they can add KB+M support very easily.

JoelR3038d ago

Yes - it has been done before (see UT)
keyboard Mouse support is integrated into the PS3 OS and can be easily attached by the developer.

nix3038d ago

what about Move? that's way better than controller, any day.

Orange Juice3038d ago

Yea as said above they may just add KB/m support for the Ps3 like in UTIII for the people that fear imbalance. UTIII has proven to me however that controllers can indeed contend with KB/m if used correctly.
And maybe the Co oP will be cross platform in which case the KB/m argument wouldn't matter. This is good news to me personally having so many pc friends along with Ps3 friends.

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