What part did Microsoft play in Realtime Worlds' fall?

Popsicko reports: when Realtime Worlds went into administration it wasn't only the end of over 170 people's jobs at the developer, but also the final nail in recently released APB's coffin.

And while the developer's all-in gamble on APB is being blamed for the demise of the studio, it's worth looking back to how things reached this state - and whether Microsoft deserves some of the blame.

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NYC_Gamer3012d ago

this studio falied by themselves alot of bad choices..

Godmars2903012d ago

But at one time since it was connected to the 360 as a 360/PC MMO the question has to be asked. Some development time had to have been spent considering how early connecting announcements had been made.

R2D23012d ago

MS also helped kill my dog becasue he ate my Zune player -_-

Godmars2903012d ago

Honestly, from the beginning APB was talked about as a 360 MMO. That talk went away and came back a few times, then it was coming to the PS3 and finally it was PC only.

Even if MS took no direct actions with the ABP devs, the APB devs themselves are at fault for lack of focus.

Christopher3012d ago

I see where you're going with that Godmars, but it's not Microsoft's fault they mismanaged their development. That includes planning for a platform release that never happened.

Baka-akaB3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

most 360 planned mmos that didnt happen are still there on pc doing ok ...

And if not , it's because those games are crap regardless of the platform (remember huxley ? shivers) .

Realtime even had people dropping out to continue crackdown 2 ... that's a pretty strong clue about their bad business decisions ...

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siyrobbo3012d ago

they couldn't wait for microsoft to make a decision (MS wanted to wait to see how the game did at retail before deciding on a sequel) so they dived head first into apb, and when microsoft approached them for crackdown 2 they turned them down

realtime worlds are there own independant company, if there business is going down the pan it is there fault no-one elses

if anything i bet EA rushed them into releasing APB when it clearly wasnt ready

Cueil3011d ago

they kicked themselves for turning it down

Cold 20003012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

At the end of the day:

MS lose: Crackdown 2 is a flop, commercially and quality wise.

RTW lose: they are now dead.

Ruffian lose: Crackdown 2 is a flop and is not/wont give them a good image for any futur projects.

Cueil3011d ago

it should handily outsell the original

scofios3011d ago

I think its their own fault and they can't blame it on anyone but them self , the game was just a bad gta clone with ugly characters , (that's my opinion) .

poopface13011d ago

I thought crackdown 1 was really good. The series has alot of potential but RW didnt make the sequel.

outrageous3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I would say that M$ played a role in the failure. Realtime worlds created Crackdown with David Jones, one of the original founders of GTA series, for M$. Something happened and knowing M$, money had something to do with it. Well you know the get what you pay for...Crackdown 2 IS rental material. I rented it this week as a matter of fact and I don't think I could finish that game if I wanted to.

I really enjoyed Crackdown of the best games on 360. I still own it and I really wished M$ had let Realtime make the sequel.

M$ owns Crackdown and there is nothing Realtime can do about it now. Realtime spending a fortune on APB is what ultimately lead to the problems. I have read that they plan on keeping the MMO APB up and running for long nobody knows.

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Kalowest3012d ago

Realtime Worlds should of made CrackDown 2, and made more deals with MS.

Blaze9293012d ago

What does Microsoft have to do with this? Realtime Worlds decided to go off and do an MMO instead of Crackdown 2 which caused like 90% of the original Crackdown team to leave and form Ruffian Games to make Crackdown 2.

It's no one's fault but Realtime Worlds themselves.

krauler3011d ago

the article that I read stated that RW wanted to do Crackdown 2 but MS went with the spinoff Ruffian (probably for a cheaper price). After that decision, RW had to cut their losses and continue with the only thing they had, APB.
Thats business
Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you.

Queasy3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Bingo. It's not Microsoft's fault that APB had a bad business model and came out a crappy game.

Sure MS sat on a Crackdown sequel for too long but it is APB's failure that is causing the problems at RealTime Worlds.

Edit: This is supposed to be in response to Blaze929.

Capdastaro3012d ago


They were/are hiring an account manager.

I'll do it for free, you're skint mate.

Low/average reviews, not much variety in gameplay and a lame subscription package killed APB and consequently killed off Realtime Worlds. Should of stuck to Crackdown 2.

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