IGN: Gamescom: LittleBigPlanet 2 preview

ere's a handy tip for you: if anyone ever asks you to write about LittleBigPlanet 2, politely decline. Each time we've seen Media Molecule's ridiculously ambitious sequel, our tiny little brain cells have burst just a little bit more. When we first saw the game earlier this year, there was a serious case of information overload: Media Molecule has added so much to this follow-up, it was hard to know where to start.

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talltony3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Just looks better and better everytime I see it. This really is the only game anyone would ever need. 1 month after it releases it will literally be over 1 million games in 1 game.

cmrbe3036d ago

It only does brain overload but then again. It dosent take much to overload IGN writers brains.

yogaflame3036d ago

Kinda sad that this game is not given attention that much because of kz3, and gt5 but i hope Sony will do there best to advertise and hype this game because it deserves a lot of sales and a lot of gamers to experience this game.

Shadow Flare3036d ago

LBP2 AND GT5 is literally too much for me. Both look so massively awesome...i just dont know where im gonna find the time for both, i really dont. 2010 is the best gaming year ever

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