Ripten Review: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ most recent entry into the Tomb Raider franchise is a significant departure for the series; even the name has changed from Tomb Raider to Lara Croft. Fans of the series will notice the change the instant the title boots up, with a menu screen styled after a graphic novel. The game retains that graphic novel feel throughout.

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jaredhart2988d ago

9 out of I'm definitely buying it tonight!

bfenty2988d ago

This game is seriously awesome.

greeneggsnsam2988d ago

I never have any interest in playing Lara Croft game. I don't know why, they just don't interest me in the slightest. Even when they get reviews like this.

uhaul2988d ago

It's not a Tomb Raider game.

Munky_VIII2988d ago

Could always download the trial and go on from there? You may like it, you may not :P

SupaGamer2988d ago

Sweet! Been looking forward to this!

xg-ei8ht2988d ago

It's not a normal tombraider game, but it's still croft and it's still puzzle etc.

Looks pretty good tbh, didn't think i'd like it at first, but i've seen a few vids, there's a decent one on - xbox etc.

I'll buy on PS3 probably.

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