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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Gamescom 2010 Trailer

See the trailer of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit from Gamescon 2010 (Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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davidmccue  +   1926d ago
I need :)
-Ikon-  +   1926d ago
Man guess I'm buying 2 racing games this year.. NFS:HP and GT5
nix  +   1926d ago
GT5 here... and NFS too depending upon how it goes.
Ambivalent_  +   1926d ago
2010's hottest racing game
gtamike  +   1926d ago
bigboss911  +   1926d ago
yeah you read that right... it will be. Gt5 is not a game, so you cant count it. Its real life lol.
Ambivalent_  +   1926d ago
Point taken
enkeixpress  +   1926d ago
Must buy.

'Nuff said.
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Nitrowolf2  +   1926d ago
got to love 1up quick short half second
"No other racing game at E3 had a chance"
CaptainMarvelQ8  +   1926d ago
holy shit
i'm so proud of you Criterion :')

gonna bring back the ol' memories of Hot Pursuit 2!
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FragMnTagM  +   1926d ago
I am excited for a Need for Speed game. What is this world coming to? I am currently playing Shift right now, but it is not that great. HP looks freaking awesome though. I loved playing the first two, and this one looks hot.
Rythrine  +   1926d ago
Damn, why so close to GT5? I'll probably hold off purchasing this until January. GT5 will suck the life out of me lol :)

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