Better Graphics Mean Better Gameplay

Phil Wright, head of Content Business Development EMEA for Nvidia has stated his opinion that better graphics in games results for better gameplay as well.

"As someone who works for a graphics company, my opinions for this matter tends to meet with certain amount of cynicism, but I'm not alone in arguing that DX10 is going to be as much about better gameplay as pretty pictures."

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MK_Red4064d ago

I don't completely agree with him but there are a few occasions that better and more advanced graphics brings better gameplay like destructable envirements or in atmospheric games like Bioshock and FEAR, helps the horror elements and the mood.

Bloodmask4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

graphics can "enhance" gameplay. But a game can have the poorest graphics ever and excel in gameplay.

A good example of this is tetris. It is totally addicting just from a gameplay standpoint.

All the while employing very primitive graphics.

Great gameplay will stand the test of time. Great graphics are subjective to the timeframe in which the game is released.

A game can have photorealistic graphics and still suck. I will take gameplay over graphics anyday.

kewlkat0074064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

were talking about? Of course they are in the Business of selling "GRAPHIC CARDS" what else would he say? They want you to go out and but a DX10 card right now, knowing their drivers are not up to snuff with Vista.

Better Graphics have never guaranteed "Great Gameplay". So many games have fallen in that grey area of, "well the graphics were alright but the game totally kicked-arse." Lot's of Sleepers over the years.

Example I liked FFVII over FFX, but which one had way better graphics? I'm playing FFVII right now and it really hasn't given me that same feeling when I played VII. Not that I'm saying it's not a good game.

Another Example Castlevania: Symphony of the Night(Fn Great Game), I have played some of the new ones after that one, but I still haven't played one as good as SOTN.

Better graphics enhances the gamers experience but does not make the game. Western developers are catching up to telling a great story. Japanese developers have them beat in that department, but with the addition of Movie producers(jackson/speilberg) getting into gaming, the stories we see will be very similar to movie scripts.

Graphics will always get better with new Hardware, thats a given. You can work with a great gaming Engine and have the game look the best but what about everything else?

That's why I never go goo-ga ga over graphics anymore, unless i know more about the game which ties everything together,

AbyssGravelord4064d ago

Wow this is complete BS a game can have the best looking graphics but if it doesn't have great gameplay whats the point of getting the game to look at pretty pictures?

Ortiz834064d ago

man i wish the ps3 had the dx10


it doesnt need it when its capable of ingame cg, so who needs it

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