PSN Can Move Too

PSNStores runs the gamut on Move compatible games coming out on the PlayStation Network.

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playstation_clan3004d ago

wow, this is awesome, thank you sony. ps move is going to have so much games its unbelievable

Joule3004d ago

It would be more awesome if people went on the forums to talk about it.

RosoTron363004d ago

I always find it funny that the "Comment" section is more of a "Discussion" section... People who complain about having less bubbles are pretty weird. You have more than one point to make, make a thread eh?

Quagmire3004d ago


N4G has forums? funny that


The Catalog of Games for Move, it is more than 40 Games.

Including Hardcore.

NYC_Gamer3004d ago

its good to see sony giving move so much support

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rdgneoz33004d ago

Can't wait for Under Siege, haven't heard anything lately about it besides the "pushed back so that it could be released to coincide with the Move controller". Looks like it'll be a fun game.

MajestieBeast3004d ago

Flower with move would be alot sweeter then with the sixaxis.

Briefcase Joe3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

How? If all you had to do was point at the screen, the game would be even easier than it already is. I don't see how Move could improve it. I think it's fine the way it is, or maybe I could be overlooking something that would improve it.

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