No StarCraft II Reviews Before Launch

It's funny. The gaming industry usually treats gaming journalists like they were solid gold, and they usually get games weeks before release. Not so with Blizzard and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

As you may have read, and other reviewers have received their review copy, but can not install it - just like hundreds of other fans who have reported getting their hands on the box already.

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Porco2735d ago

I think this is fair.

Djorgo2735d ago

Hehe, I agree. That's the way to do it.

Rovdjuret2735d ago

still wouldnt mind getting in early myself ;D

Montrealien2735d ago

I have a boxed copy of the game, in my computer room and I can't install it. This is killing me!

Perjoss2735d ago

I cant believe its almost time.

JsonHenry2735d ago

If the game is even half as good as the beta then it will be a better game than CnC4 and SupCom2...

Imperator2735d ago

We all know it's going to be PC GOTY anywyas. The game will be amazing and well worth the wait. Heck, it may even have a shot at overall GOTY, you never know.

kevnb2734d ago

its between nintendo ead and blizzard, the two best devs of all time both made a game this year.

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Cogo2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

That's strange indeed. But as Porco said, it's fair too.

Rovdjuret2735d ago

indeed wouldnt want campain spoilers all over the web before i have my copy

King Klear2735d ago

It can't be helped... I bet there will be spoilers all around as soon as it is released.

DJDarkstar2735d ago

Very interesting, although reviews are generally used as press and Starcraft II is certainly not short of that, I guess they are really clamping down on security to make sure of no leaks before release hehe.

Djorgo2735d ago

God, I love Blizzard Sometimes.

Leord2735d ago

It's nice to see they have turned away from some of their more customer-aggressive stances here :)

Dorjan2735d ago

nah, this is just blizzard not having exception accounts on battlenet or at least not wanting to use their ability to do so

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The story is too old to be commented.