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No StarCraft II Reviews Before Launch

It's funny. The gaming industry usually treats gaming journalists like they were solid gold, and they usually get games weeks before release. Not so with Blizzard and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

As you may have read, IncGamers.com and other reviewers have received their review copy, but can not install it - just like hundreds of other fans who have reported getting their hands on the box already. (Blizzard, Industry, PC, Starcraft II, StarCraft II: Wings of LIberty)

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Porco  +   1903d ago
I think this is fair.
Djorgo  +   1903d ago
Hehe, I agree. That's the way to do it.
Rovdjuret  +   1903d ago
still wouldnt mind getting in early myself ;D
Montrealien  +   1903d ago
I have a boxed copy of the game, in my computer room and I can't install it. This is killing me!
Perjoss  +   1903d ago
I cant believe its almost time.
JsonHenry  +   1903d ago
If the game is even half as good as the beta then it will be a better game than CnC4 and SupCom2...
Imperator  +   1903d ago
We all know it's going to be PC GOTY anywyas. The game will be amazing and well worth the wait. Heck, it may even have a shot at overall GOTY, you never know.
kevnb  +   1902d ago
of course it has a shot
its between nintendo ead and blizzard, the two best devs of all time both made a game this year.
Cogo  +   1903d ago
That's strange indeed. But as Porco said, it's fair too.
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Rovdjuret  +   1903d ago
indeed wouldnt want campain spoilers all over the web before i have my copy
King Klear  +   1903d ago
It can't be helped... I bet there will be spoilers all around as soon as it is released.
DJDarkstar  +   1903d ago
Very interesting, although reviews are generally used as press and Starcraft II is certainly not short of that, I guess they are really clamping down on security to make sure of no leaks before release hehe.
Djorgo  +   1903d ago
God, I love Blizzard Sometimes.
Leord  +   1903d ago
It's nice to see they have turned away from some of their more customer-aggressive stances here :)
Dorjan  +   1903d ago
nah, this is just blizzard not having exception accounts on battlenet or at least not wanting to use their ability to do so
Rovdjuret  +   1903d ago
Hell , it's not time yet
kuangtu  +   1903d ago
I guess they are confident that the game won't be cracked until the release date. But I've already seen some new CG (not the 100% unlock one) on the internet.
jukebox42  +   1903d ago
i kinda like the mystery behind their game. less reviews less spoilers
theslim  +   1903d ago
No need to get the review. its blizzard afterall :)
Rovdjuret  +   1903d ago
yeah the world could go under and they would still sell millions of copies of the game
Chazmers  +   1903d ago
Suppose they dont want to spoil it but then again they have released so many trailers in recent weeks its hard to not know
King Klear  +   1903d ago
Like anyone needs to read a review to determine whether to buy it or not...
theCHUNK  +   1903d ago
Who needs a review? Everyone who could have wanted to try it out in beta already did and has a fair sense of what the general game is going to be like. Plus... why allow reviewers any special rights when they may as well wait for a couple months to review it, so it will be more "fully featured" or whatever?
SCFreelancer  +   1903d ago
Well this is an interesting turn of events. In the good old days the lucky ones could get their hands on the game pre-launch and play. Now quite a few people received their copy already and nobody can play :/
comp_ali  +   1903d ago
Didn't RDR
have the same thing
Maticus  +   1903d ago
Blizzard certainly don't need to ingratiate themselves to the press. They don't need.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1903d ago
With or without review, I'm gonna buy the game.
iceman2929  +   1903d ago
already got mine.
Cant wait to fire it up. Starcraft was my first online game, looking to continue the story so bad.
Medievaldragon  +   1903d ago
three days -- ahh. such a torture.
PirateThom  +   1903d ago
Can't wait for this train wreck. This has NEVER been a good sign.

Blizzard fanboys are, by far, the worst for even defending it.
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comp_ali  +   1903d ago
Stop pirating
kevnb  +   1902d ago
pretend like the beta wasnt already awesome.
Letros  +   1902d ago
The irony
noobsRus  +   1903d ago
star craft is for noobs doesnt require true hand and coordination like quake 1/2/3 on pc.
rumplstilts  +   1903d ago
-bubbles for trolling.
bobcostus  +   1903d ago
It requires a different skillset. Quake definitely requires more twich-like reflexes and basic hand-eye coordination, but Starcraft requires more strategy, micro and macro management, and just overall more thinking. Imo.
noobsRus  +   1903d ago
Beahmscream  +   1903d ago
Say what you will...
But I'm sure as hell getting this game.
Spenok  +   1903d ago
This wont stop ANYONE from buying it at launch.
kevnb  +   1902d ago
means nothing to me
I stopped caring about reviews long ago.

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