Media Create hardware sales (7/12 - 7/18)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Valay3064d ago

Even with Dragon Quest, the Wii is down this week.

darthv723064d ago

3 sony systems (psp, psp go and ps3) and the 360 were the ups.

zeeshan3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Oh man, I didn't expect to see 360 back to 4-5k mark this soon! I mean we all knew that it was gona happen but wow, that was quick. When it comes to HD consoles in Japan, PS3 owns the land of the rising sun.

Ziriux3064d ago Show
-Mezzo-3064d ago

WOW< PSP GO sales suck, this is the proof Majority of the Prople do not approve of Digital Download.

SoapShoes3064d ago

And what does that say about the iPod? I guess people didn't move to that from CDs?

darthv723064d ago

that was one of only 4 systems to actually gain over the previous week. The other 3 were psp, ps3 and 360.

I feel the go is a great little unit and would definitely do better if sony had a better drm and allowed trade in for physical media to digital vouchers.

blind-reaper3064d ago

you can't compare music with games.

Noctis Aftermath3064d ago

I think it also has to do with the fact that the digital versions cost the same(or more) even though it costs them significantly less than a physical copy.

Also the fact that sony didn't force companies to make Digital Download versions of their new release games and that is why most games don't even get a DD version, hence PSPGo has less games, costs more, you can't blame people for not wanting it.

StarScream4Ever3064d ago

People want a hard copy of games so they can trade it in when done or just piss off at it. How can you trade digital downloads? You can't.

Pedobear Rocks3064d ago

that the go is think it has little to do with Digital Downloads not being popular (didn't we just hear gamestop that on full retail games boxed and digital are now equal...add to that all the digital games that don't have a boxed version and I think you'll find digital is well accepted by gamers)

J-Smith3064d ago

i think its just the high price that is holding it back?

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Microshock3064d ago

PSP is doing REALLY really well in Japan as usual. I wonder what made it take first place this week versus last week.

And the Go seriously needs a price drop. Sony knows they can do it, it's 6 year old hardware.

The screen is smaller on it and the UMD drive is replaced by flash memory. I KNOW that if they drop that to 150 dollars, it would be a much bigger hit than it is now obviously.

When Japan doesn't buy an iteration of your wildly successful product like the DS or PSP and it does worse than the xbox and 10 year old PS2, you have a problem.

But hey, maybe having the PSPgo makes them pure money since they charge more for the same thing essentially.

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The story is too old to be commented.