Dateline NBC undercover reporter busted at Hacker convention

Michelle Madigan, Associate Producer for Dateline NBC was caught reporting undercover and breaking convention rules at the 15th annual Defcon, the world's largest annual hacker convention.

Dateline NBC's goal was to secretly record hackers admitting to felonies. According to "Priest", a senior Defcon staffer, Dateline also wanted to videotape a federal agent going up on stage and then broadcast it on national television.

"It just really isn't cool to do that," Priest said, adding that criminals or terrorists could recognize the agent if they were to travel overseas.

Defcon's security team wasn't going to let that happen and hatched a plan to turn the hunter into the hunted.

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ktchong3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Those hackers totally humiliated that perky blonde.

Hackers vs. Blonde. Just think about the huge gaps between the IQ scores. What makes her think she could outwit so many computer geniuses?

That's total pwnage, b!tch.

Lord Anubis3781d ago

NBC and Michelle shall be the target.

ShiftyLookingCow3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

thanks guys esp. The_Round_Peg for the reports and suggestions.

[edit] look at poor baby's face. src: Inquirer

Ignorant Fanboy3781d ago

She should have never walked to her car.

Now they have her Tag number and her VIN number, and you know what a hacker can do with that? Just about anyhting they want.

She should have taken a cab.

ghettocheeze3781d ago

She made a run for it thinking these geeks were gonna fry her for sure. You can hear her panting and almost crying while rushing to the car.

Hilarious. Paparazzi = Punked!

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The story is too old to be commented.