GTA IV delayed to make MS give in?

As most have already heard, GTA IV has been delayed till Q2 2008. Speculation is running all over the internet as to the exact reason for this delay. As far as gamers knew, everything was fine at E3 and on track for a big October launch.

As reported earlier this week, XF had learned about certain future titles requiring the 360 HDD for data caching, but hadn't received any specifics on which games and when this would happen. Yesterday, when XF got word of GTA IV being delayed, we had to call our source. Apparently Rockstar wants GTA IV to give a seamless experience with load times limited as much as possible and void of loading whenever possible. This requires a HDD according to our source.

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360Sheep3942d ago

ah the core system rears its ugly head

Bill Gates3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )


I knew it! It's starting to happen....HAHHAhhaHA

Friking M$, Now us PS3 owners that ALL have a HDD need to wait because of M$'s decision not to include a HDD in a "NEXT GEN." console...


way to go M$. Because of your decision to try and milk your XBOTS, us HAPPY PS3 owners have to wait.

toughNAME3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

who agrees with him???

its one thing for Bill to act like a 7 yr old..but..12 other ppl too?

common guys grow up

EDIT - 25 agrees...are sony boys little kids?
i mean ms fanboys are immature too...but its never been this bad
all sony fanboys should be embarresed...this is just sad

Lumbo3942d ago

Even though he presents it like a childish retard, he got a point. The original xBox had a HDD in every SKU (as there only was one :p) and it was praised for that, the next-gen xBox 360 for some stupid reason features a well spread "core" sku that LACKS the important HDD, even though the older system had it. Thats some serious miscalculation on Microsofts side there and it will come back and haunt them for sure, actually it already is.

Alvadr3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )


Unknown3941d ago

I'm I dont want to wait for MS to make up its mind. How in the world do you go from including it in the first xbox and omitting it now? I know they're trying to be mainstream but dude, we're beyond that point. Get rid of it all ready. Oh and you SONY gamers should be used to waiting with your SonyWait_station3!!!

I had to take a shot at you guys for that xbox3Fixme joke lol.

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BIadestarX3942d ago

mmm.. let me see.. let's analize this....

Someone that used to own a PS2 buys a core.. because he does not see the importance of a hard drive or online multiplayer... he pays $299 because paying $600 is too much for a console(PS3) hence why he paid $299... Later when GTA comes out... 1-3 years after he purchased his XBox 360 core... GTA requires a HDD(not certain but less make believe)... why should they do?

A) Buy a hard drive for $80.
B) Buy a PS3 because it comes with a hard drive for $500.
C) Got back in time and spend $600 for a PS3 and watch blu-ray movies while GTA comes out 3 years later and miss the exclusive content that will be release only on the xbox 360..

The way I see it.. $299 + $80 is a better deal than $600...

Besides... there is a big chance the hard drives will drop price too... by the time this game is released...

ChibiSelz3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

That would just be plain stupid your ps1 games and ps2 games in the bin then theres no use anymore
anyone with a half a brain would get a ps3 to still enjoy your older games then just leave them collecting dust

afterall thats what ms did to you guys huh :)

MarioFromTexas3942d ago

DVD 9 was good enough for lastgen, but again last gen

360Sheep3942d ago

or could it be, buy a core 360

the realize.. ah fek.. i gotta pay to play online (Never done it before ps2)
... ah fek, i gotta buy an extra HDD to play the game I want to play
... ah fek whats with the wired controllers..
... ah fek this stupid thing has broken down 3 times before GTAIV has even come out
.. ah fek, I shoulda saved myself time/money/grief, in just purchasing a ps3 with the ps2 trade in, and never have to worry about buying any add on or extra to play the games I want to play

SuicidalTendencies3942d ago

How would their PS1 & PS2 games be useless if they still have a PS2? I know a bunch of people that bought a 360 over a PS3 after having a PS2 last gen. They just keep their PS2 out so they can play it whenever they feel like it.

Chobits3942d ago

hay 360Suckz thats actually a good point thats why i brought me a ps3.
rather have one console that does eveything in it hehe i dont want to put my ps2 next to my ps3 it just looks odd lol big/small >_<
lol my opinion though =) some people are messy (cables eveywere)