The worst fighting game EVER (no...not Shaq Fu!)

Shaq Fu is commonly regarded as the worst fighting game of all time. Well no, it isn't. This really obscure Playstation game proves otherwise with a game so terrible, you could at least credit Shaq Fu's smooth(ish) animations. This is simply beyond bad. Review after the jump.

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ShadowJetX2989d ago

Would like to have a word with you in the backroom, if you please.

thor2989d ago

I'd have to guess and say Fighter Maker is not that bad. It seems you are able to create your own fighter, and whoever made this video chose the most ludicrous moves and turned the speed up so it glitched. I've seen other videos of Fighter Maker that make it look OK.

NovusTerminus2989d ago

He did not turn the speed up. Just the telaporting guy had no frames in his attacks, I actually own Fighter Maker 2. And it can be fun if you wish to spend hours upon hours trying to get the guy to move right.

But that was a showcase of two busted characters. I had a light punch with 1 frame that was a one hit kill...

NecrumSlavery2989d ago

Star Wars Masters of TK was pretty horrible.

Kakihara2989d ago

Holy crap, I hate using such Internety terms but I genuinely 'loled' at the white bearded dude's celebration move after he won the first round.

hay2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Actually this review is really bad. Lots of bashing and "wanna be funny" sentences with little information.

Also construction of the article seems to be: "blach, blach, rant, valid points, blach, blach, rant, end."
You've got a long way to go.

bjornbear2989d ago

WTF did I just watch? I'm not even sure of what I just saw o.O!=3-_T

DatNJDom812989d ago

I literally had tears rolling out my eyes because I was laughing so hard. Holy shit man that was horrible but hilarious.

Spenok2988d ago

Lmao that does look pretty terrible.

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Spenok2988d ago

Lol that "Guile theme goes with everything" had me clicking on many videos. :D

Aloren2989d ago

I thought rise of the robots was far worse than Shaq Fu :-D

Information Minister2989d ago

I think you might have missed the point on that game.

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The story is too old to be commented.