Fable III Peter Molyneux and the deflated ego

After Fable II it became apparent to many in the industry, that Peter Molyneux had a habit of over promising and under delivering. Leading many to question his honesty when it came to the development of his games.

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TheWarmth2745d ago

Fable II was an awesome game. Despite it's many flaws.

EVILDEAD3602745d ago

I love the fact that Peter speaks his mind..hes' passionate about his craft and is always reaching for the moon..

When he fails he is the FIRST one to put it out there to gamers..he's harder on himself than anybody in the gaming community

I love it when he says this part of Fable 2 was 'rubbish' etc..

But the fact is 'Fable 2' was an absolute blast. I love RPGs but Fable 2 brought FUN back to the genre.

Can't wait for Fable 3 and hope it lives up to Peter's 'lofty' expectations


The_Zeitgeist2745d ago

The first Fable was pretty cool.

Spenok2745d ago

It was, but it still doesnt excuse the fact that he promised the world for that game and only gave you a summer beach house.

Chaostar2745d ago

I think Milo was created with the sole purpose of distracting Peter Molyneuxs arrogance away from fable 3 lol. He is bigging up milo like it is the most advanced AI in the world and surpasses anything that any of the computer geniuses have been doing for years! /jk

I really want to be excited for Fable 3 but he is so deluded, although his intentions are to bring us a great game, his visions far outstrech his reach. Maybe next gen peter.

Folezicle2745d ago

One thing that is so innovative about the AI in Milo is:

" Milo's mind won't be on the disc -- it's in the cloud, and gets much smarter the more people use it."

If he keeps his promise It's the first stage where AI and technology kill all of man-kind..

Xx Ziyad xX2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

loool one bubble for u :)

chak_2745d ago

but you can fart !

FART he said !

dragonelite2745d ago

Omg fable 3 is win because fatring is win.

/shut off 13 year old humor module.

NecrumSlavery2745d ago

Abe farted first and it was possessable and explosive. Now that's a winning blast of ass gas!

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The story is too old to be commented.