Why the First-Person Shooter Is Doomed

Clearly, First-Person Shooters offer something primal and unique: the illusion of carrying weaponry and blasting foes before your very eyes. But why must people exclusively tote guns? How else might the innate strengths of first-person immersion be harnessed? In writing, a first-person narrator can tell any kind of story: family drama, crime thriller, quirky romance, children's fable. But today you largely don't see other genres use this point-of-view. Such wasn't always the case.

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hallen123074d ago

They are way over doing themselves and by the time the call of duty and Halo franchises come to an end I don't think they will be very popular anymore.

Ocelot5253074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

i doubt that, look at fifa, nba and other sports games? every year a new game with almost nothing new and they still sell very well. casual gamers are now also playing shooters thanks to cod4, moder warfare 2 and halo, before cod4 shooters were more for hardcore gamers

Cevapi883074d ago

i wonder when this doomsday will seems like it should have come years ago

bviperz3073d ago

Ocelot525, what changes in sports is one of the games main appeals: the players. Who didn't want to run over everybody with Bo Jackson in Super Tecmo Bowl on the NES? Or play as Ronaldo in the latest FIFA game. Or try and win the championship one last time in Cleveland using LeBron James? So trying to compare the lasting appeal of sports with shooters just doesn't work.

evrfighter3073d ago

when trying to debate this topic. All one needs to do is point to madden.

that's a pretty weak argument. simple maps or mods is all one needs to change a fps COMPETELY. moreso than playing as someone in a different jersey.

xAlmostPro3073d ago

beause its resulted in thousands of campers lol

bviperz3073d ago


It's more to it than that for shooters because if that was the case then we should be on CoD 2011. Shooters need a little more than just simple map changes and mods to be able to sell every year. Sports games don't require as much.

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ExplosionSauce3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

They just have to learn to do something different!
First-person games like Bioshock, Metroid Prime, Mirrors Edge, Portal and also other non-shooting and non-war type games can be really great because they have more unique gameplay or stories.

dizzleK3074d ago

they're doomed because they refuse to do anything different. eventually even the slack jaws are gonna tire of modern warfare. psssst devs, let me let you in on a secret: oblivion, bioshock and mirrors edge were successful too, it's not just cod and halo that sell.

Ocelot5253074d ago

I say again:

fifa, nba and american football games also don't do anything new and they sell well

Seijoru3074d ago

fifa changes quite a bit each year ya know and if you are expecting something radical then your out of luck because the game is restricted by the laws of the sport.

bviperz3073d ago

See my comment above. Not trying to argue, just saying. Sports games ALWAYS bring something new.

gcolley3073d ago

mirrors edge was not a success, that's the problem. bioshock 2 was not a success but according to your logic it would have to have been if the first was that good, but it wasn't. oblivion is an RPG.

this brings me to my next point, genres will start to merge, that will be the change. FPS and RPG, FPS and RTS. this is really the only direction they can go. bring on RTS/RPG/FPS, i wanna play that game.

Cajun Chicken3074d ago

Singularity was a breath of fresh air based upon a better and earlier age. That's all I'm saying on this...oh, and I'm sick of modern day war scenarios and propaganda being shoved in my games presented as if fact.

labaronx3074d ago

and it was better than I thought it was going to be, while it could have done somethings better, it was good effort by Raven, to put it's own spin on the fps genre, i tend to gravitate more to the halo, quake resistance franchises

gcolley3073d ago

thanks guys, all i needed to sway me to purchase this game. not all FPS are COD type. i enjoyed mirrors edge and riddick (loved riddick). no game genre changes that much, the problem is the amount of FPS coming out.

Fishy Fingers3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

FPS is clearly the most popular genre today, thats why so many developers take the "easy route" and continue to make them, although of course not all make the grade.

Still, I'm more than happy, FPS is my favourite genre. I usually struggle to feel a connection to a character so FPS helps get me immersed. Then again it's "first person" I like, not just the shooting, from Half-life to Unreal, there's plenty of scope there.

FPS aint going anywhere.

ChronoJoe3074d ago

I don't think it's first person shooters themselves, just the first person perspective that is so popular. It increases immersion, and that's all important.

I'd love to see some more first person RPGs.

jerethdagryphon3074d ago

mirrors edge is my fav fp game this gen its also my nemasis ....i will get that platinium

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