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Concept of the Theoretical Incredibly Awesome but Impossible Game.

Hi, Cajun Chicken here. I have stumbled upon a great concept for a videogame, which I believe has not been utilised yet. Not knowing where to post such an idea and the fact I have the same chance of dating Stoya and having a trusting realtionship as becoming a game designer and the fact I'm heading off in the direction of becoming a 2D animator, it's virtually impossible. This is my idea.
I have NO idea whatsoever how to do this and I'm just wondering if anyone would actually play this theoretical game or know how to make it. This is a slight pitch.

Imagine a game in first person perspective, a little like Halflife 2, a little like Mirrors Edge, but however, you have NO SPECIFIC WEAPONS. Instead perspective would be your actual weapon, thats right. The game would work using depth perception or should I say, the illusion of.

I'm talking a full blown game that involves pure depth perception, ever since the release of Prey, Portal and even Echochrome, this type of game seems ripe in this day of age, this could indeed be the next big thing. A game that essentially breaks the laws of first person games allowing objects further in front of the protaganist to be taken and held in the hand at the same size as they were in perspective, this game mechanic could even work the reverse way where small objects could become big if the player walked and looked closer at a certain small object on a table.

The genius of this game, is that using some kind of 'Perspective-o-meter', there would be some kind of limit on how much perspective you are allowed to cover from killing an enemy. 'Enemy running through a corridor metres away, just about see them? Impale them with a needle that you collected ages ago in your inventory which could stab them like a javlin, however, if you were to run down the corridor up to the enemy and try it, basically the drawing pin wouldn't cause a scratch on the enemy and you could essentially be killed and look stupid swiping a needle around.

I'm sure at this point explaining the concept, you could imagine how you could feel like a God just taking advantage of perspective as your weapon in a average corridor based environment, grabbing things from a distance or closer for them to fit in your hands, big or small.

Obviously, you could imagine the kind of engine that a game with this ability could use. The engine would have to completely defy the laws of physics on the fly, and would have to keep the perspective part of the game a seperate part of the engine from the first person view. Is this game possible? You tell me. Would you play it? Tell me that too.

Reply or PM if you are at the least interested in this concept, because this is a game that HAS TO BE MADE, this could be as 'next-gen' as you could get using the current technology game developers have at their disposal.
 Again, I am not a game developer, I am an average twenty something animation student studying 2D animation at university, I have no idea how to develop games, I don't know anyone that develops games that I could ask if this is possible, this is something that attacked my brain whilst drawing something up, I just can't get it off my mind, this would be such an theoretically, incredibly, awesome, but impossible game to make, but perhaps a complete joy to play.

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rockleex3397d ago

HipHopGamer has a thing called "Pitch Yo Game!". You could try asking HipHop to ask some devs whether this game is possible or not. ^_^

Btw, that's a REALLY nice concept you got there. ^_^

commando343397d ago

I really like that idea, you should be pitching games with all this creativity :). Very Portal like to me and very different. I'd buy it just with the cool new features. Great blog and great game and get to it!

DeviateFish3383d ago

I am baffled at this idea. The possibilities are whirring around my otherwise empty head. Given there is a finite number of weapons, places and enemies I think this would be possible. Then again, I'm no game developer yet.