In-game ads may not reduce cost of console games

Ed Bartlett, IGA Worldwide's European VP of publisher relations, has defended the role of in-game advertising by stating the benefits it can offer consumers such as reduced price titles and free add-on content.

Speaking to Pro-G at the recent Develop conference in Brighton, Ed Bartlett, VP publisher relations Europe and co-founder of IGA Worldwide, revealed that although we are already seeing free games on the PC as a result of in-game ads, ad-driven price reductions on console titles won't necessarily happen.

"When it comes to console the scalability isn't there yet," said Bartlett. "Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all take a royalty share of every disk that gets manufactured, and so there are other costs that come into play when it comes to console. What you will see is that it will help stabilise the market. It won't necessarily reduce the prices of those games, simply because the budgets are so huge."

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Sayai jin3789d ago

Oh no, I seen this coming for years now. I for one think this is a bad move against the consumer. From a business standpoint it makes sense but games are suppose to be about the consumer. Here you go about to sit down to your favorite game and instead of seeing the title screen or going to the gme's menu you see a commercial for Pepto Bismol (LOL).

Bolts3789d ago

In other news, the sky is blue.

I dunno about this IGA jackhole but I for one I'm glad that my PS3 won't "benefit" from in game adds. In fact the day that any of my PS3 games have in-game adds is the day that I smash the pretty little Bluray disk into a billion pieces.

devi8i3789d ago

Most EA titles already have in-game ads, look at the stadiums in Madden or billboards in NFS.

DirtyRat3789d ago

I dont mind in game ads if they done in keeping with the game (e.g. BF2142 did a good job), but I would like to see an actual benefit to the consumer e.g. if a game has ads, it should be cheaper to buy, and you should have the option to pay for an ad free version.

tplarkin73789d ago

Ads are just another source of revenue.

TLSBill3789d ago

We're going to foist ads on the gaming public and give them NO benefit?

Thanks Ed, thanks a load....

Did he say free downloadable content though? Wow.. I can't wait for my Reebok shotgun and Gatorade healthpacks.. what a tool...