This Week In Video Game Criticism: Always Kinect, Always Kinect

Gamasutra is partnering with game criticism site Critical Distance to present some of the week's most inspiring writing about the art and design of video games from commentators worldwide. This week, Ben Abraham examines war in games, the Xbox 360 Kinect's cultural impetus, and why you should 'slow it down - don't dumb it down' in games.

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Hellsvacancy3079d ago

Well, that was 1 borin/pointless article, i cant believe i just wasted minutes of my life readin it, it wasnt a total waste, i was havin a good smoke at the same time

But yeah, BORIN people

PSfan093079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

hey, Microsoft should address the criticism instead of ignoring it

just look at the youtube video: 819 dislike, 652 like