New Fable III gameplay video shows farting, hand holding
"Fable III isn't all about fighting with swords, guns, and magic. No, Lionhead Studios' Fable series has always tried to find new ways for players to interact with characters in the world. But now the Xbox 360 and PC RPG game is apparently taking those interactions to new highs and new lows. "

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Queasy2931d ago

LMAO at the in the face fart.

Myst2931d ago

Hmm one of the games I kind of held off on pre-ordering. I mean Fable 2 was great and all, but after beating the story in 10 hours or so there just wasn't much left to do :/.

TheXgamerLive2931d ago

I royally beat that game and put in well over 35 hrs, not counting the DLC's.

I don't use cheat/walkthrougyh guides, i mean you might as well not even buy or play the game.

Myst2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

It probably wasn't 10 hours exactly, but of course it can add more value if your playing on Gold and doing co-op. I wasn't. All I know is I didn't pass 20 hours I don't believe it's something I'd have to check.

Unless we were playing two different versions I don't see how I could have missed a lot of things :/.

Also I didn't use those either it wasn't needed for Fable 2 to be quite honest. Don't know how that even came up.

P.S. Talking about the story not the whole game.