The summer drought is a good thing

Play-mag says: "Summer means very few new games coming out. But this isn't a bad thing - it's a good thing. Why? Read on."

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Letros2934d ago

There is only 1 game anyone needs to play this summer and that is StarCraft II, hell one could just play that all year and never get bored especially with all the custom made games that will be coming out.

house2934d ago

its basicly the only game i need this summer star craft 2

rumplstilts2934d ago

Hell, it's about time!

But for reals. I finally got a job and now I can save for a computer so I can play it. I am so happy.

Darkfiber2934d ago

Played it 12 years ago, I'd rather have something NEW.

chak_2934d ago

next stop : tomb raider 18th aug. or mafia 2 27th aug. :)

Got things to play while waiting

ECM0NEY2934d ago

Yep its a good time to catch up on some back log games

BldyShdw2934d ago

I still have ps2 games I am working on like xenosaga not to mention current games like mass effect 2 and a ton of ps3 games. There is literally not enough time in a day.

-MD-2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Been playing WoW. Picking up SC2 on launch and playing the hell out of it.

I still have 4 unopened rpgs for my 360 sitting here and like 9 more unopened games I haven't even looked at.

PLUS! The engineer update for TF2 is out and I plan on playing a ton of that too.

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The story is too old to be commented.