No Multiplayer In Dragon Age II

The newly announced Dragon Age II will sport numerous changes such as an updated combat system and revamped visuals. However, it won't stray from its single-player roots.

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Myst3079d ago

Yep as it should be.

iceman28853079d ago

I'd prefer my wRPG's stay single player.

Just wish Bioware would have realized this before they decided to make Star Wars the Old Republic an MMORPG.

ThanatosDMC3078d ago

Why in the hell would people want multiplayer to ef-up this game?! That's one thing that worries me about ME3. They all ready made ME2 more of a shooter than an RPG.

dizzleK3080d ago

did anybody expect otherwise?

Spenok3078d ago

Apparently they did. I cant lie that the prospect of Multiplayer doesnt intreque me if done right. But im also happy to continue playing single player.


still not played the first one may pick it up this weekend, but note to all devs and jurnos RPGs dont need online/mmorpg aspects put in to make them "cool" single player rpgs are great how they are, immersive story telling experiences.

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The story is too old to be commented.