Why I Cheat At Video Games

Andik Morgenstern from Kombo: There is only one reason why I cheat at video games. It may not be a valid reason, but it is genuinely why I do it: To save time. There may be an added bonus of an achievement or defeating a boss easily, yet they are just secondary to my greater need to finish the game as quickly as possible. No need to take the high road when I can take a short cut.

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dizzleK3079d ago

then why waste the money? find another hobby. it's like buying a movie then just fast forwarding through the whole thing and considering it watched.

Dazel3079d ago

I really don't see the point in doing it for every game however I will admit to using the pub games money glitch for fable 2. I do feel it did mean losing a chuck of the feel of the game but who wants to chop a gazzilion logs lol.

PhoenixDevil3079d ago

Its why they exist to entertain, sure I've looked at a walk through for a trophy or 2, n yes I was ready to chuck my controller at the wall when motorstorm kept cheating me out of 1st place but wen i got all gold it was worth it

dont play games if your not gonna enjoy them, tbh i dnt think this guy needs that many more achievements anyway :P