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Wizziokid2959d ago

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee t

R2D22959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

the creepy old dude that talks and sleeps with dead bodies needs his own spain off game?

They can call it " Night Crawler" The man who sleeps with dead people.

Syaz12959d ago

u mean seth? he's creepy alright, though things turned out well for him in the end.

MicroSony4Life2959d ago

Out of him and Irish I dont know who was more messed up.

ZombieNinjaPanda2959d ago

After beating the game, I miss Seth and Irish, all those guys. I hate it when Rockstar does this in their games. You beat it and don't see those characters ever again until you replay it.

hybridtheory122959d ago

Actually he finds his treasure and hes rich at the end of the game so theres no point

LilSis2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

red dead duty 5?

Zydake2959d ago

Is anyone else thinking that John Martson's coming back?

nunley332959d ago

i'll have to what these are about but i'll get one or two most likely, i like the co-op and zombies

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FragGen2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Some of this sounds cool, but I'm kind of over the Zombies fad and I'm tired of being nickle and dimed with DLC. So, I think I'll wait for the GotY edition that includes all of this stuff next year.

Elimin82959d ago

But I'll get the dlc seeing as I already own the game and love it.

sixaxis2959d ago

finally as i said before this mp has alot of potential and now they are gonna use some of it. it sound so awesome especially:

8 new multiplayer characters
Multiplayer versions of Liars Dice and Poker from the single-player game;
Attack and Defend multiplayer competitive mode and challenges;
* New multiplayer horse races, complete with mounted combat;

Brand new single-player adventure, challenges and quests;
* 8 new multiplayer zombie characters;
* Additional animals unleashed in the world

DarkTower8052959d ago

As far as animals go, they need to add badgers, wolverines, scorpions, and squirrels.

OSU_Gamer2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

you can never have too many badgers in one game.

MagicAccent2959d ago

Sweet! Online poker on my PS3! ;)

Seriously Rockstar, as Valve are the Princes of PCs, you are the Kings of consoles.

M_Prime2959d ago

8 new locations... That part bugs me..

it will be awsome and i will buy it (though the second and 3rd are not interesting to me) but these will be locations that are already in the game..

I mean i was saying to my brother.. "how come there is no Blackwater in the online"

or that place in mexico by the train station where u help that girl by buying her from her ?pimp?.. that would be awsome for ATTACK AND DEFEND which is in there..

traditionally with ROCKSTAR they have a game with a sh!t tonne of modes in them and then add 1 or 2.. this time they put a few modes and making us pay for more.. i don't like it.. compared to GTA i feel a little ripped off.. I mean the GTA DLC was $20 a piece and it was full SINGLE PLAYER games (short but full) this is just opening up stuff..

though i do like that the first DLC was free.. though i know it was on the disk cause the file size was TINY

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MicroSony4Life2959d ago

I usually hear some of the town's people talk about a big mountain lion close to some river - has any one found this maountain lion and where can I find him?

pwnzter2959d ago

lulz 9.99 for each of the 3 DLC packs. LULZ the fck...

no thanks R*, no thanks.

Meowhammad2959d ago


This game was such a letdown.

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ActionBastard2959d ago

And just when I thought a single game couldn't get any better...

psman0122959d ago

Haha sounds awesome :) I cant wait now

Yi-Long2959d ago

... or 800 MSP.... it seems a bit steep.

This means I'll wait till this fall before I buy the game, when it's hopefully discounted.

T9X692959d ago

Its Rockstar dude, there's very little details on the DLC right now to judge on what its worth. If I learned anything from R* especially after seeing their DLC for GTA IV, I'm certain it will be well worth, if not more then $10. Day 1 purchase for all DLC for this game for me.

MSpence5162959d ago

Or even worse

Zombie cougars

LOLOLFFSA2959d ago

Or even worse

Undead Donkeylady!