Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light gets release date

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light will release on Xbox Live on Wednesday, August 18th for 1200 Microsoft Points, Microsoft has announced.

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Kakihara2789d ago

Oh well, I guess watching someone play this on is the closest I'll ever come to watching Angelina Jolie suck balls.

Dragun6192789d ago


"Lara's latest coming to Xbox Live at the end of August, PSN and PC dates still to be confirmed."

I would think they would release the PSN & PC versions around the same date as the XBL version. Otherwise, that would be pretty dumb.

koehler832789d ago

Well with Don Mattrick using Yoichi Wada's testicles as tonsils, logic takes a back seat. The piper must be paid.

Briyen2789d ago

this was pretty fun at e3! might buy it since it's cheap and i love co op

tigertron2789d ago

I still won't be buying this, I'll wait for a proper Tomb Raider installment thanks.

kingdavid2789d ago

You're in luck, they dropped the tomb raider label for this one.

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