Choices Move prices are cheapest yet

M2G Writes:

UK retailer Choices is selling PlayStation Move for the knock down price of £32.99, with the Navigation Controller coming in at just £23.99.

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Stuart57563084d ago

I've just had an e-mail from choices promoting this!

talltony3084d ago

I need This deal in the u.s

Christopher3084d ago

Honestly, they should try and do whatever they can to get these peripheral costs down as much as possible. $80 for a controller and sub-controller is a big barrier in addition to the $300 cost of a system. I understand the overall value of both of my PS3s, which grows every year, but people like me already have one. They need to price these towards the people who research the value but the people who will be impulse buying based on what the games look like.

3084d ago
Hank Hill3084d ago ShowReplies(3)
Tachyon_Nova3084d ago

Have any Australian readers seen anyone listing a price for move over hear yet? I'm getting kinda interested in it now, the thought of playing Socom 4, KZ3 and Heavy Rain with move is quite a good one, not to mention a couple of the other games already announced.

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