DJ Hero 2 Targets the Mainstream: New Details Revealed

In DJ Hero 2, up to 2 DJs can mix, scratch, and sample on the acclaimed DJ Hero turntable controller, while a vocalist grabs a microphone and sings or raps along with on-screen lyrics. An all-new Empire Mode sends players on a journey starting out as a lowly warehouse DJ on the road to becoming the head of a major music empire, unlocking new perks and rewards with each step on your career, and brand new multiplayer modes will redefine the DJ Hero experience.

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what will the next hero game be

Red-Dead-Roar3087d ago

didn't dj hero 1 flop enough?

kevco333087d ago

I think you've got the wrong game! DJ Hero didn't flop, it was never meant to be as big as Guitar Hero 5 or Band Hero.

And before you say it, no, Guitar Hero 5 or Band Hero didn't flop either.

T9X693087d ago

DJ Hero was an amazing unique game, maybe if you actually tried it instead of bashing it thinking its going to be just like Guitar Hero, you might enjoy yourself.

3087d ago
IHateYouFanboys3087d ago

i cannot stand DJ-ing, dance music, hip-hop or rap............but i thoroughly enjoyed DJ Hero.

the gameplay was very unique, despite looking essentially the same as rock band/guitar hero, and had a difficulty curve that was pretty extreme (which is good IMO). is it one of my regularly played games? no. is it one of my favourite games? no. but is it a good game? yes.

ill buy the sequel as it looks even better, and would actually work at parties since theres some singing now instead of just 2 people sitting there with turntables.

CernaML3087d ago

"and had a difficulty curve that was pretty extreme"


I must play way too many Japanese music games.

IHateYouFanboys3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

everyone of my mates who played it just couldnt handle it. even going from easy, once theyd got the hang of it, to medium made them pull their hair out.

ive played the $hit out of rock band/guitar hero, so i started on hard and within 4 hours was smashing it on expert, completing expert the day after i got the game. but noone else i know could even jump up to hard with any degree of success.

remember, expert difficulty adds like 3 new 'moves' in to the game that werent there in hard. hard added 1 or 2 that werent in medium. its not like GH/RB where its just more notes, it was more notes and new techniques.

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Garnett3086d ago

Anything main stream automatically sucks.