Will it Move you?

Thunderbolt writes: "With the PlayStation Move officially dated and priced a couple weeks ago at E3, I find myself still wondering who exactly the product is designed for. The obvious answer would be everyone: core gamers, casual players, Wii owners and even non-gamers. Without an obvious, specific target audience, the Move runs the risk of not being purchased by anyone."

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The Meerkat2933d ago

Depends where you stick it.

8800gtx2933d ago

PC gamers sometimes use DS3 since that is one of the best wireless controllers out there. Mouse is just infinitely superior to this.


JustTheFactsMr2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Then why do graphics designers and architects use pen-based stylus tablets for drawing and other fine controls instead of a mouse?

Because direct input is superior to an indirect input for all sorts of tasks. A mouse introduces a disconnect between where you want to "aim" your pencil that a stylus doesn't. Same principle applies here. Where I point is where I shoot.

You have no idea which is superior. However there is evidence that direct input is superior if the resolutions of the technologies are comparable. It's just common sense actually. There are lots of thing were you COULD use a mouse to manipulate something but it would just be silly if there is a more direct method available. Up until now it hasn't been available.


Now he will tell you that using two mice at the same time isn't that tough. Really it's not so bad. Perfect example of why direct input is superior to the indirect input of something like a mouse. Now add in a 3D TV so your physical movements map into the space. Mouse takes you out of that xp.

Davoh2933d ago

Yeah that was pretty cool and not just because it was an image of Kevin Butler

La Chance2933d ago

Who on planet earth is stupid enough to buy the Move ?

xYLeinen2933d ago

@ JustTheFactsMr

Well said!..

Equinoxe_72933d ago

Let's see how many buying Kincet, he he!?

zootang2933d ago


That is what the games industry is about for me. Something that makes me think, makes me go wow!

Oner2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

@ JustTheFactsMr ~ Absolutely excellent reply (+Well Said & +Agree). That is what the doubters and naysayers just don't want to hear nor even contemplate understanding. Their immaturity and bias dis-kinects them from being able to think properly and have an open mind.

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Boody-Bandit2933d ago

Well I am going to stick mine right on top of my gaming center when they are not being used by me. First day must have for me. Picking up Heavy Rain along with it and what ever other titles worth getting at launch of Move.

Bocanegra2933d ago

The ugly little thing will not be purchased by me.

sixaxis2933d ago

i will definitely buy ps move, cant wait to play socom with it.

NoBias2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

I played with that at E3. It absolutely blows with SOCOM. Wait til you play with it in BestBuy or GameStop ha, you'll see (not precise enough for a shooter as extremely tactical as that). I'll be playing with a controller as all the serious SOCOM vets will.

SOCOM 2 ftw.


The DS3 Players got Owned by Move Players in Socom 4 according with Zipper.

NoBias2932d ago

lol good luck with that online. I very much look forward to facing people who'll be using those!

IdleLeeSiuLung2933d ago

"I’m not getting excited to play SOCOM 4 or Killzone 3 with a wand ="in hand; I’m simply getting excited to play SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3 period."

Cerberus21252933d ago

I pre-order 3 Move and 3 Sub already off of Amazon.

D4RkNIKON2933d ago

you know, sorcery did look really cool. I am looking forward to LBP2, Socom, Killzone, GT5 and Heavy Rain move support. Not to mention RE5 and Dead Space Extraction, that is a pretty good amount of core games if you ask me

Red-Dead-Roar2933d ago

please get a wheel with gt5.. how will the move support work?

MariaHelFutura2933d ago

Of course it will, with the right marketing.

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